Cran-Turkey Burgers with Gravy

Though I hate to admit it, it is technically Autumn now. I’ll miss ya summer.  This week I am going to end my denial of the end of summer and welcome in fall the best way I know how – with food. Fall DOES have some tasty flavors, I must admit: apples (not to mention CIDER!), squash, pumpkin, turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, big bowls of hot soup. This week I am embracing the fall and am planning to feature many of these ingredients in my weekly repertoire of dishes.

First up, is pretty much Thanksgiving in a burger. Sounds good, right? When I saw this recipe in my latest Oct/Nov ’10 issue of Taste of Home, I had to make it. I’ve always been a huge fan of the whole turkey-and-cranberry-sauce combo, so this burger was designed for me! They are quite simple to make too, which is always a plus. I mixed 2/3 cup whole berry cranberry sauce with 2/3 cup dry stuffing mix, and a little less than 1/4 tsp dried thyme. To this combo, I got down and dirty and mixed in crumbled raw ground turkey in with my hands. This was a situation in which I needed one of those new touch control faucets.

My turkey-cran-stuffing mixture was shaped into 4 burgers and tossed into a skillet with a little EVOO on medium heat. I cooked for about 7-8 minutes per side, and the burgers developed with lovely brown carmelization (just shy of burning, good thing!), thanks in part to the sugary cranberries mixed it. Delish!

Next up – the toppings. Now, I am a Whole Berry Sauce girl. My parents know this on Thanksgiving – heaven forbid you buy the Jellied Sauce. 😀 Haha. The Jellied Cranberry is a bit scary, no? Plus, I don’t think it delivers as much of the tangy tart kick that you get out of Whole Berry Sauce. But… this recipe had a cute use for the Jellied Sauce – I cut 1/4″ thick slices from my can-shaped jelly brick, and these were a topping for the burgers. Genius! The Whole Berries would be more likely to fall off the top of the burgers, so this is a valid use for Jellied Cranberry, in my book.

Once the burgers were cooked through on my stove top, I placed them on wheat buns, topped with two spoonfuls of turkey gravy (oh yeah! gravy is now a burger condiment!), a slice of jellied cranberry, and lettuce. Delicious and so easy! It delivered many of the flavors of Thanksgiving in an easy hand-held burger – could definitely taste the stuffing and spices in the burger, as well as little sweet tangy bursts of whole cranberries mixed into the burger. Oh, and the gravy! – mmm! I served this with some sweet potato fries and a glass of cider – my first gallon of cider of the year. I was trying to be good and was only going to buy a half-gallon as a treat this week, but the whole gallon was on sale for the same price as a half-gallon – what gives Meijer!? You are not helping with the calorie counting! 😉 But…I do have a recipe coming up this week featuring the cider, so it will go to good use. Yummy!

Well, I am off to Whole Foods in an attempt to procure canned pumpkin! More later!

♪♫ Currently listening to: The Chain – Fleetwood Mac.

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