Hippie Hash Post-Bang

Now HERE’S a GREAT end to a night out in Ann Arbor: Hippie Hash, scramblies, rye toast (the good kind – seeded!), and a side of the most delicious bacon in the world. This isn’t the first time Hippie Hash has appeared on MGNN – click here to see Appearance #1. Gotta love Fleetwood Diner. It was ultra-delicious last night.

This amazing plate of food was preceded by The Bang! – Back to School version. Lots of epic dancing, naturally. Had to burn those calories in order to justify the feasting at the end of the night.

For professionals only – amateurs need not apply. I think lots of people missed the memo that it was the Back to School Bang, but clearly my outfit was spot on. Thanks for letting me borrow your tie, Tom.

♪♫ Currently listening to: Giving In – Adema.

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