Post #150: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

This gloomy Sunday afternoon, I spent a couple caffeine-fueled hours in the kitchen. One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon actually – I find working at a leisurely pace to be relaxing and enjoyable on the weekends.

Today’s Autumn-inspired feature ingredient was Pumpkin! This is evidently a hot commodity in Ann Arbor, as I had to go on bit of a journey to obtain this pumpkin. But nevertheless, here it is – “America’s Favorite Pumpkin”! I took this picture outside because I was trying to capture the yellow leaves on one of our trees in the background. Also, just because the lighting is better outside!


Before I started baking (yes BAKING in the MegGoesNomNom kitchen!), I got all my ingredients ready for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins using this recipe.

…Mixed together a bowl of my dry and of my wet ingredients. The wet ingredients were then poured into the dry ingredients, and folded in just until moistened.

And, as a final ingredient, some semi-sweet chocolate chips.

I doubled my recipe, and made 28 muffins. Smelled so lovely in my house today!

 I totally spaced out and forgot to take a picture of the muffins after baking! I didn’t remember until this evening when I went to eat one! I kind of regret not trying one fresh out of the oven, like Tom and his buddy got to do today, but I was trying to be good and wait until after dinner. 🙂 My conclusions were that they were indeed quite tasty – I loved all the yummy warm spices in the muffins – nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon – and the chocolate chips were a great addition. I do wish, however, that I had pulled these from the oven maybe one minute sooner, and also that it packed more of a bold pumpkin flavor. All in all though, some tasty muffins. Here is a pictures I took tonight, with not-so-hot lighting:


While my muffins were baking, I spent some timing prepping Mr. Butternut for the week ahead. Also spent some time engaging in a very serious Butternut Squash photo shoot on my deck.

Phew, this guy was tricky to peel and chop! I’ve never done this myself – I now have a whole new appreciation for my dad’s Thanksgiving squash. Sheesh! I ran the peeler over the thick skin at least 4 times, and hope that I removed it well enough.

I mostly took this picture to showcase the variety of blades required in the process of peeling and chopping this dude up. Butternuts are high-maintenance. But I can relate. 😉


But alas, at the end of the day, Mr. Butternut was indeed fully peeled, chopped, and stored in Pyrex storage containers in the fridge for use later this week! Stay tuned for that.

I also spent some time prepping a couple lunches for the week. I’ve been obsessed with tuna and crackers lately. This week I mixed my canned tuna with onion, Miracle Whip, black pepper, and, new this week: Sweet Relish. I tried a spoonful of the final product and it was delicious. Sweet Relish packs a punch of flavor with very few calories, so it is a welcome addition. I’ve been enjoying my tuna with Sunflower Basil crackers lately. This will be a tasty weekday lunch.


♪♫ Currently listening to: Exit Music (For A Film) – Radiohead.

(“We hope your rules and wisdom choke you.”)

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