Palm Palace – Lamb Shwarma

Mmm, Palm Palace. How I love thee. Also loved thee when you were La Shish. Because, first of all, you bring me a huge, complimentary basket of warm pita  bread, fresh from the brick oven. And to boot, I also get a little bowl of garlic paste to shmear all over the bread. Yummy.

And after I enjoy several several pillowly pieces of garlicky pita bread, you bring me a delicious and always fresh salad. And not only that, but you don’t even make me order the salad separately – it comes with my entree.

Next, it is time for the main event. You bring me my Hummus & Lamb Shwarma. It is especially delicious this time! And the amount of hummus on my plate!? Outrageous! In an oh-so-right kind of outrageous way.  Practically a whole carton’s worth. Yummm. And the grilled veggies? Don’t even get me started. So delicious. (Except those hot pink pickled beets – manned up and tried one for the first time and it was vile and DISGUSTING. NOT recommended!).

And Tom orders the Lamb Combo, with various lamb-imbued foods. Positive reviews from T.

..And dinner is enjoyed in the light of these lovely fixtures above our head.

And dessert – oh my. For the first time, once we finished our entrees, a tray of desserts was brought out and shown to us. Hugely tempting. And they totally GOT us this time too, we absolutely could not resist this amazing-looking cheesecake. And it tasted EVERY bit as delicious as it looked. Sooo creamy and rich, not overly sweet. Perfect. (And only $3.99!!).

I think it’s love. 🙂

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