Spices Galore

Can you guess what these are!?!


I have been ever-so-anxiously awaiting their arrival since ordering them last week! Tom’s Grandma very kindly sent me a gift card to Penzeys Spices. How perfect for me! I had a ball sifting through their catalog and choosing my culinary delights. I’ve always had a thing for catalogs. I don’t know how many hours of my childhood were spent obsessing over American Girl and Oriental Trading catalogs. I would literally stew over the pages for hours, going so far as to count every “diamond” in each style of tiara, only to choose the one with the most jewels. (Yeah, was definitely a weird kid like that). So here are the ten spices I chose:

I love that Penzeys offers many salt-free seasoning blends, as I’m trying to be mindful of my sodium-intake. The descriptions below are from the Penzeys catalog. I really recommend checking out their website and/or catalog. My selections include:

  • Adobo Seasoning – “garlic, onion, Tellicherry black pepper, Mexican oregano, cumin and cayenne red pepper.” Hoping to make some guac with this blend!
  • Allspice – am hoping to make my own stuffed grape leaves (dolmas), and also some Chai biscotti using this spice
  • Cajun Seasoning – “paprika, salt, celery, sugar, garlic, black pepper, onion, oregano, red pepper, caraway, dill, turmeric, cumin, bay, mace, cardamom, basil, marjoram, rosemary, and thyme.” Irresistible.
  • Black & Red Spice – “blend of fresh ground Tellicherry black pepper and hot cayenne red pepper. Great whenever you want the robust flavor of Tellicherry black pepper but need extra heat.”
  • Cardamom – so excited for this spice! Am hoping to try some my hand at cooking some Indian cuisine and preparing some baked goods with this cardamom. This spice is all the rage right now
  • Sage – “Sage has one of the richest and most distinctive flavors of all the herbs. Albanian sage has a rich flavor unknown to buyers of the California sage normally sold in supermarkets.” I might try making some turkey sausage.
  • Sesame Seeds – I’ve been wanting some of these for a while to add to veggies and stir fries, but they are so pricy at the grocery store. These were very affordable.
  • Smoked Spanish Paprika – Rachael Ray always raves about this stuff. “Rich, colorful Spanish Paprika, naturally smoked over traditional oak fires. Awesome flavor and perfect color, good on just about everything.”
  • Tarragon – I frequently see recipes containing this spice that I want to make, but don’t since I didn’t want to have to buy it. Until now! “The most popular of the French herbs, its rich, robust flavor combines especially well with the wine and shallot base of many French dishes.”
  • Zatar – I have been in LOVE with Whole Foods’ Zatar seasoned pita chips lately! So I decided I MUST get some of this spice blend. “Traditional, popular blend of the Middle East. ..Sumac, thyme leaves, white sesame seeds and salt.”

Next week, after I go grocery shopping again, shall be Spice Week in MegGoesNomNom! Can’t wait to try out these spices. Heck, maybe I’ll even dress up as a different Spice Girl each night while I cook. I kid, I kid.

Oh, and while I was outside engaging in my spice photo shoot, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by this MUTANT picker plant that no one in our house (ahem, Tom, ahem) will dig out, and has only morphed into a crazy monster more and more, by the day. To give you an idea of the scale, each of these leaves are longer than my entire hand. Yeah. It’s pretty serious.

Oh, and I also obtained this picture of my old Oriental Trading catalog tiara. Pretty baller, eh? 😉


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6 thoughts on “Spices Galore

  1. what a nice assortment of spices ! how long did it take you to decide on them HA ? Love that tiara still up on your desk ! MOM

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