Sad Movies and Mexicali Chicken

Um, so I just spent the last 30 minutes crying at my computer. It all started out innocently enough. Someone I know (top secret) is dressing as a V for Vendetta character for Halloween this year. So tonight, on YouTube, I was watching the trailer for costume ideas. THEN…I started to think, OH, I need to watch that scene in the rain – my favorite part of the movie (if you haven’t seen it, this might be a spoiler to you). You, know, this scene?:

Gah, it gets me every time. ::tears:: I freaking love V for Vendetta. And then, I started searching for other sad scenes in the movie. And before you know it, I’m clicking on links for “sad movie endings,” which morphs into “top 10 sobbiest movie scenes,” and then I’m whimpering like a baby, with a sniffly nose, in a pile of Kleenex. Think Love Story (gahhh!), Armageddon (right before Bruce Willis blows the asteroid to smithereens and is talking to his daughter in the film), My Girl (Vada at Thomas J’s funeral), hell, even a scene from Click, with Adam Sandler. Anyways, I think I got my crying fix in for the week. Moving on… 😉

The last few days in the kitchen have left me feeling a little disheartened. It’s no fun to cook something and then not like it. Which is what happened with the two things I cooked earlier this week. Tonight, however, was a success! Things started out with a homemade salsa – chopped roma tomato, onion, jalapenos (chopped ’em up while I was wearing gloves a few days ago, remember?), garlic, fresh lime juice, salt, and pepper.

Next I started frying a few pieces of bacon in a skillet. I like where this is going.

And for the main event… I baked four boneless skinless chicken breast halves in the oven, after sprinkling with taco seasoning. Toward the end, I added a few slices of Monterey jack cheese, popped ’em back in the oven for about 2 minutes, and ended up with delectable chicken cutlets:

Next it was simply time to plate it up. The chicken was topped with bacon and the homemade salsa, and served with refried black beans (from a can – and delish!) and Spanish rice (help from a box!). How delicious! Love this easy, tasty, and low-cal chicken recipe (especially if you go easy on the bacon and cheese). This recipe is from the ToH Healthy Cooking magazine – see it here.

♪♫ Currently Listening To: In a Heartbeat – John Murphy.

(Originally featured in the movie 28 Days Later and then I heard it played in the movie Kick-Ass and was flippin’ out in the movie theater [Tom can attest to this], and now have rediscovered it while doing research for MY halloween costume! As a side note, I love both of those movies).

One thought on “Sad Movies and Mexicali Chicken

  1. I get that way too when I start looking at youtube videos 🙂 I love mexicali chicken. I should make this soon.I saw your blog from the foodie blog roll and I like what you have here.if you won’t mind I’d love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the foodista widget at the end of this post and it’s all set, Thanks!

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