Month 5 of Calorie Counting

Hey nommers! You may remember I began calorie counting on 05/09/2010 and today, 10/09/2010, is the 5-month point! I NEVER thought I would ever stick with the plan this long, nor did I ever think I a would be so successful at achieving a healthier weight. I think I just finally found a plan that worked for me, and I really think that is key. I’m happy to say that, after 5 months, I’ve lost a little over 21 pounds. 🙂 I track my weight in an Excel file nearly every day and below is a graph showing my progress.

Below are links for reading about my month-by-month progress:

However, today I shall not be counting calories. Everyone deserves an indulgence. Just WAIT til you see my next post, to be filled with game-day grub. GO BLUE!

2 thoughts on “Month 5 of Calorie Counting

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