Spice Week – Day 1: Adobo Seasoning

Saturday was game day, and while I was (obviously) vying for the Wolverines (Go Blue), I did have some epic plans for this green fellow.

For as much as I love guacamole, I have never tried making it myself. And now I feel like I’ve been missing out for all these years! First I scooped out two avocados – the bad boy above was nice and ripe and buttery, but his bro could’ve used a couple extra days of ripening – but we have no time for that! To the avocados, I added finely chopped tomato, red onion, jalapeno, and fresh lime juice.

You may remember reading about all my new spices, in a post earlier this week, where I declared that this week shall be SPICE WEEK! And guess what, kids? Today was DAY 1.

Nope, Penzeys is not compensating me in any way for reviewing their spices. Instead, Tom’s grandma nicely sent me a gift card to their company, and I thought my new spices would make a great theme for blogging this week!

In the Penzeys’ spice catalog, under the description for Adobo Seasoning, it was suggested that this spice blend makes great guacamole, and this was my inspiration for selecting it. According to the Penzeys’ site, Adobo Seasoning consists of, “garlic, onion, Tellicherry black pepper, Mexican oregano, cumin and cayenne red pepper.” It smells wonderful, and the smoky cumin scent is very prominent. I added 1 teaspoon of this seasoning to my guac, and also generously seasoned the guac with salt. I like that this spice blend was salt-free, so that I could control the amount of salt in the dip myself.

Mash all of the above ingredients together, and BAM: Guacamole! And oh, was this ever GOOD guacamole. Probably ranking pretty high up there among the best I’ve had. In fact, it even rivals that of Poppycock’s in Traverse City, which I raved about earlier this summer. In my limited guacamole-making experience, I’ve concluded that the “trick” to making good guac is in the seasoning. I tasted the guac about four times, adding in additional salt, pepper, and lime juice each time, until I was satisfied with the level of seasonings. The Adobo Seasoning added a wonderful smoky kick to the buttery guac.

The second item offered up in my Game Day Eats, was Buffalo Chicken Dip. I haven’t made this in ages, but boy is it delicious. Very much a splurge to anyone counting calories, but oh-so delicious. The first time I made this was New Years Eve 2007-08, as part of the New Year’s Feast that Tom and I made every year (read here). Simply combine all the ingredients – cream cheese, buffalo wing sauce, blue cheese dressing, and chopped cooked chicken –  in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave it until heated through.


After microwaving, pausing to stir frequently, you will end up with a creamy Buffalo Dip, like mine below:

The last item in our football game day spread was Pig in a Blanket. Oh yeah. Keepin’ in classy. Sausage links wrapped in Crescent rolls and Kraft Singles. These are the foods I used to eat before I began counting calories! But a splurge is so necessary once in a while. These guys went pretty fast.

Watching football and stuffing our faces with chips and guacamole, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Pigs in a Blanket would not be complete without some refreshments. We first cracked open a bottle of Hard Apple Cider, purchased on me and Tom’s anniversary trip to Traverse City this past summer. So crisp and refreshing. Various other cocktails were enjoyed as well. 🙂

Even if Michigan didn’t pull off a win this year, at least we had guac, hard cider, and good company to make us forget about it. It’s still great to be a Michigan Wolverine.

4 thoughts on “Spice Week – Day 1: Adobo Seasoning

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  2. That guac looked sooo good nothing better. Yours looked even better than your two Aunts (B & B) we had it every night in S. D. mom

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