Pumpkin Manicotti and How I Achieved Nirvana

This is the story about how I achieved Nirvana last night.

If you live in the Ann Arbor area, you may be familiar with the restaurant Seva. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this vegetarian restaurant for the last few years, but wasn’t ever able to convince my Carnivorous Significant Other (CSO) to join me there for a meal. After viewing their online menu, the promise of cheesy nachos was finally enough to sway the CSO to visit Seva. The Seva menu promised, "House-made corn chips with tomatoes, green onions, black olives, fresh jalapeños and cheese, served with sour cream, guacamole, house-made salsa, and black beans. Big enough to share!," and they certainly delivered on that promise. Not only was the platter HUGE, it was also divine. (This was when I stopped counting calories for the day – hey, it’s Friday!). To the left of the nachos below, are the salsa, guacamole, spicy black bean sauce (so good!), and the sour cream. I love that these accompaniments were served on the side, guaranteeing that you never had an empty chip! Plain chips are such a bummer. The CSO and I are devoted aficionados of nachos – we’ve more or less tried ’em all around town, with Bdub’s being the home of our mutual favorites. To name a few:

Seva’s nachos may have just stolen our hearts – CSO reports that these are now his favorite nachos, and I’m still torn between these and Bdubs’, but I will say they are tied for #1 in my book. (For as often as I use the phrase "in my book," maybe I should actually create my own book. You think?).

Here is what CSO ordered: Enchiladas Calabaza. There is some quality menu-writing going on at Seva. Here is their menu description of this entrée: "Seva’s best seller! Butternut squash, cream cheese and green onions with chiles, cumin and a hint of cinnamon, baked in corn tortillas, topped with spicy tomato sauce and cheese, served with house-made corn chips & salsa."

….Annnnnd (drumroll)… My selection was: Pumpkin Manicotti!  – one of the week’s special entrees. Oh. My. Noms. Just OMG. Read this, "Pumpkin puree seasoned with thyme, sage and nutmeg, combined with mascarpone, parmesan & bread crumbs and rolled in fresh pasta sheets, smothered with goat cheese-cream sauce and backed, served with fresh chargrilled asparagus and oven-baked ciabatta garlic bread." Um, yeah. I can hardly think of any words to describe this that even begin to do it justice ("best thing I ever ate," comes to mind, but maybe that is going a tad too far!). Every bite of the manicotti was pure bliss. It wasn’t like over-sweetened pumpkin pie filling at all. Oh, no. It was savory, so utterly rich and creamy, pure heaven. I basically couldn’t stop talking about this the entire time I ate it. At one point (after a glass or two of red!), I told the CSO that I had "achieved Karma..er….I mean, Nirvana. Yes, Nirvana!" And I pretty much can’t think of anything I would rather eat than this – the only thing I could come up with was that a really great crab cake might win in a contest. I also declared that I want to live in Seva and eat this for the rest. of. my. life. The chargrilled asparagus was out of this world, and the garlic ciabatta bread was buttery and herb-y with a nice bite to it – none of that mushy soft stuff. Utter perfection. Eating this meal was a  constant foodgasm.

I brought home about 3/4 of one of my pumpkin manicotti from last night, and decided to try to do justice to these bad boys by photographing them with an actual camera (rather than an iPhone in dim light). Here’s a picture of my leftovers. Check out that savory, creamy pumpkin. Oh yeah. They even offered to place my leftovers in the fridge at the Comedy Showcase, where we went after dinner, which is also located right beneath Seva – so this was in prime condition.

Question of the day: Have you ever eaten at Seva in Ann Arbor? What did you order and how was it?

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10 thoughts on “Pumpkin Manicotti and How I Achieved Nirvana

  1. I have never eaten at Seva. Nor have I ordered anything at Seva. Nor do I have an experience to report.

    I can tell you that if Seva had a veggie bison burger I would have ordered it.

    • Thank you for participating in the Question of the Day.

      Unfortunately, Seva does not offer a “bison burger,” however, here is their contact information if you wish to offer your suggestion to this establishment:
      Contact Seva:
      314 E. Liberty
      Ann Arbor, MI 48104

      Phone: 734-662-1111
      Fax: 734-662-8447
      Email: sevarest@aol.com

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  4. I’m in Toledo, so about 45 min south of Seva. The wife and I are both Vegetarian and will make the trip up there occassionally to have dinner. Last trip up I got the Pumpkin Manicotti and had the same feeling as you. It’s amazing in every way. She got the Samosa dinner and I could tell just seeing what I was eating made her meal seem just average. I actually stumbled on your article while seeking out a recipe because I can’t stop thinking about it! I ate mine on 10/16/10, that’s 2 weeks ago today. 2 weeks filled with meals that don’t cut it and leave me longing for this classic from Seva.

    • Oh yes, the Pumpkin Manicotti = magical. 🙂 And I totally agree, ever since eating the meal, I’ve felt that nothing I’ve eaten since has lived up to it!

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