A Kick-A$$ Halloween

As a reader of MegGoesNomNom, you must know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Fact: Homemade costumes put together by oneself > store-bought costumes. This year I was HIT GIRL from the movie Kick-Ass, have you seen it? If not, you should. Whaddya think?:

The husband likes Halloween too, this year dressing as V. (PS-Below is my Night #1, more "conservative" [read: warmer] costume version). Above is my "real" costume.

Halloween weekend I enjoy walking place to place, checking out other people’s costumes on the street. Or in this case, while walking through the Law Quad.



Tom and I fueled up with a nom sampler (and a mason jar of drank) at Charley’s. I’ve never been a huge fan of their food, but the drinks and atmosphere can be fun. Fried pickles! And fried.., well, et cetera.

Good Time Charley’s: Good Time Charley's on Urbanspoon

Followed by wings and nachos and brews at a new location.

But that was just practice for Saturday night, when I was joined by Snooki for the evening.

..During which I engaged in a karaoke duet session with a new random friend. We tickled the eardrums of our huge crowd of fans with a little Bonnie Raitt, "Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About." Oh yeah. (I’m pretty sure positive I was a rock star in my previous life.)

..Later followed by lots of Jersey Shore-style fist-pumping in "my spot." Snooki taught me a thing or two about how it’s done.

Snooki didn’t forget the pickles either. Thank heavens.

Oh, and this was our night’s fuel, in the form of Chinese food, pre-going out:

Ending with a re-fuel breakfast session. Mmmm biscuits and gravy.

Question of the Day: What was the best costume you saw someone wearing this weekend? I saw a Miss Piggy and Kermit pair that was so cute!

♪♫ Currently listening to: Last Night – Strokes.

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