Month 6 of Calorie Counting

For anyone who is interested, here is my Month 6 Calorie-Counting update. Despite all the gluttonous food seen on my food, the majority of time I am on my “good”-eating behavior (or try to be), even though it might not always come across that way on the blog. Lost 3 more pounds in the last month, for a total of 24 lost.

Past updates:


10 thoughts on “Month 6 of Calorie Counting

  1. I am currently at 120 and want to lose 10 pounds….any tips that you could share for eating well?
    I love my food….and sometimes it is really hard not to indulge 😦

    • I am a total believer in allowing yourself to indulge, and totally agree with you there! There’s no way I could have ever lost weight if I haven’t allowed myself to indulge from time to time. This might now work for everyone, but what worked for me was calorie counting. I used the Livestrong website,, as a guide, which allowed me to enter my current weight, activity level, and weight loss rate goal (i.e., 1 lb/week), and it will suggest to you a target calorie goal based on your current weight and activity level. This totally worked for me because I was never denied any foods – really, I could eat whatever I wanted, but I just had to count those calories. Eventually, I learned it was in my best interest to eat lower calorie foods, because I could eat MORE of them! 🙂 These are just my personal tips based on what worked for me, so I wish you the best!

  2. I signed up for Livestrong….is it not free? I hope you like

    I think I should put my gym membership to use! Thank you soo much 🙂 I love reading your blogs

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