MegGoesNomNom’s First VLOG!

Sneak Peek at tomorrow’s noms! Watching all of the other Foodbuzz contestants’ awesome videos, I was inspired to make my own video for the first time! I didn’t even know my computer came with video-editing software until tonight. So, it’s a bit of a stretch calling this a video… as it contains no moving images, only photographs. Regardless, this is my very first video attempt. Yes, it is meant to be utterly, mind-blowingly ridiculous. Let me know what you think! I spent way too much time on this sucka! 😉

2 thoughts on “MegGoesNomNom’s First VLOG!

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  2. I am immensely disappointed. You should not call it a “vlog” because there is NO video! This is a SLIDESHOW. Will you please update this entry and change “vlog” to “slog”? Thank you.

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