Dijon Croque Monsieur – say whaaaa!

After a weekend of intense Thanksgiving cooking, I was ready for some quick and easy dinners this week. Enter: Dijon Croque Monsieur. This is basically a glorified grilled cheese sandwich, kids. But they’re French. Kinda. Minus the Swiss Cheese.

Recipe from Cooking Light.

A handful of quality ingredients: deli ham, some good Swiss cheese I shredded, and Dijon mustard mixed with Miracle Whip layered on whole grain bakery bread, dipped in an egg and milk mixture (I used Egg Beaters). I used a pastry brush to liberally apply the egg mixture to each side of the bread before browning the sandwiches in a skillet.

Creamed Spinach – recipe from Cooking Light.

Served with 10 oz thawed frozen spinach, sautéed with leeks and garlic, and heated with a milk/flour mixture, S&P, and 2 oz. of cream cheese.

And a Granny Smith apple and an orange for dessert! Oranges are SOOO good right now. Lovin’ them!

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