Gingerbread Obsession: Lattes, Martinis, and Men.

I have been on a gingerbread kick this week. True story.

It started on the first of December, when Espresso Royale posted their new seasonal drink menu. Being the avid coffee drinker I am, I had filled my 10-stamp punch card and was due for a free drink. I’m typically a plain ol’ coffee drinker – no need for flavored coffees, foamy stuff, flavored syrups (and certainly no need for whipped cream to be involved!), but when I saw “Gingerbread Latte” on the menu, I couldn’t help myself. Could you? I happily exited Espresso Royale with my a steamy milk, a couple shots of espresso, and the delicious smell of gingerbread wafting in the crisp morning air. It was a good morning.

Then, a few days later, I received a promotional email from Outback Steakhouse, since somehow I ended up on their mailing list. In it, was a luscious picture of their new seasonal drink – a Gingerbread Martini. Sold. Guess where we headed for dinner on Friday? Outback! How adorable is this? So tasty too. Martini glass


This weekend, I was on a kick to make Gingerbread Cookies. Not just cookies, but men. Gingerbread Men. After Googling recipes, I went with McCormick’s recipe and gathered up my ingredients and supplies.





The recipe made around 36 cookies. I made mine pretty thin though; a bit thicker might have been better, but I wanted lots of cookies! Decorating these guys was quite the undertaking. Again, not having a rolling pin necessitated the use of a wine bottle for rolling out the dough. And since I went to all the trouble of moving all the cutlery out of the way to procure the wine bottle from my wine rack,  figured I might as well pop the cork outta that sucka and enjoy myself for the decorating process. Clearly my Saturday evenings are extremely intense. Winking smile

I waited until the next morning to photograph the finished product so that I could take advantage of natural daylight. I usually photograph my food next to my large sliding glass door, and today when I was doing so, our neighbors’ cat, Calypso, came to see what what was up. He kept pushing his head against the edge of the door, trying to open it and come inside. (Don’t mind the hot pink glare on the window from my glamorous PJ pants.)



Here are a few of the more interesting ones:


These are delicious! The Red Hots (er…Meijer brand “cinnamon imperials”?) are so necessary, and the cookies are best warm (duh!).

So what’s next? I am thinking Gingerbread Waffles! Anyone second that?


OH! And GUESS what we bought today!? A new electric range… a.k.a. stove! I am beyond excited. Like ridiculously so. Shall be arriving next Saturday – I am super psyched by the prospect of having not two, but FOUR functioning burners. Imagine the things I can now make. Open-mouthed smile

Note Currently listening to: New Low – Middle Class Rut.

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