Recap of our first snowy weekend in Pics

I really haven’t been feeling the greatest the last few days – but I haven’t really been fueling my body with the healthiest food either. The cold weather and snow is driving me to be lazy, hibernate, and eat lots of carbs. Friday was a somewhat crappy day, and I will spare you some of those details, but let’s just say that the day necessitated large quantities of comfort food, including Bacon Cheddar Potato Skins from Smokehouse Blues, and a Pulled Pork Platter (brought half home though!) with BBQ Beans and amazing Sweet Potato Fries with KILLAH Cajun Ranch Sauce.


Oh, and a box of donuts…. Sarcastic smile


Saturday my tummy was still giving me minor issues, but didn’t stop me from enjoying some Mango Margaritas and Papa Romano’s before JH-The-Annihilator and I went out.



And ew! Look at this gross stuff that has fallen. The unspeakable S-word. You could never convince me for one second that it is pretty. It is hideous. Make it go away. I trekked out to the grocery store earlier this afternoon and now plan to stay in, cocoon myself in a Snuggie, and eat lots of carbs for the rest of the day. Winking smile

Well, I might venture down to the kitchen and make a big pot of soup later. Broccoli and Cheese Soup, in fact. Sounds great! Back for another post later!


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