Dijon-Crusted Chicken

Tonight I tried a new super quick and easy chicken recipe: Dijon-Crusted Chicken Breast, from Healthy Cooking magazine.


Seriously, so easy:

1. Brush Dijon mustard over chicken breast (halves or tenderloins will work).

2. Dip chicken into breadcrumb mixture, consisting of:

    • bread crumbs
    • grated parmesan cheese
    • Italian seasoning and dried thyme
    • salt and pepper

3. Saute chicken over medium heat for several minutes on each side. I used a splash of EVOO and a smidge of margarine, as the recipe suggests.

Sorry, I know raw chicken pictures are kind of gross, but I needed a “before” picture! Mmm, and much more appetizing, here is the “after” shot:


I served up my beautifully-browned Dijon-Crusted Chicken with Creamed Spinach and Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes, two tasty and tried-and-true healthy sides.



Creamed spinach equals all of the above ingredients, plus a healthy dash of ground nutmeg for luck.


The chicken was great! Loved how easy it was, and full of pantry staples that I already had on hand. I liberally sprinkled my chicken with red pepper flakes and dipped them in honey mustard. Next time I will add red pepper flakes right to the breadcrumb mixture before sautéing, as I like a bit more heat!

Dijon-Crusted Chicken Rating: 8/10.


Note Currently listening to: Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones.

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