Southwestern Goulash

Yes, this is the third “Southwestern” recipe I have made this week. See also my Southwestern Turkey Soup post and my Southwestern Broccoli and Cheese Soup post. Tonight’s dinner, Southwestern Goulash is yet another Taste of Home recipe!

This was a pretty simple dinner to prepare. I served it with an unpictured salad of romaine plus chopped veggies.




This was tasty and filling, but I felt it could have used a bit more seasoning. The seasonings the recipe calls for are 1/2 tsp cumin, salt, and pepper. I did omit cilantro, however, since it is an established fact that I am not a fan. I ended up sprinkling Italian Seasoning from an herb mill over the dish for more flavor.

My Rating: 7/10. Hearty, filling, satisfying.

Non-Nom News

1. Okay, and not related to food, if anyone is interested in non-nom news: I am having serious mouth-age issues. So. I have a retainer. Yeah. Sexy, I know. So it’s this wire cemented to the inside of my bottom teeth. Normally I never even notice it or remember it is there. But the last couple of weeks it has been feeling jagged in my mouth, and I definitely *know* it is there. Well, tonight, as I’m randomly walking around Meijer, I run my tongue over it and there is a jagged wire that’s slicing the underside of my tongue. Pleasant, I know. And my mouth tastes like iron and is bleeding. And all I kept thinking was “OMG I’m not going to be able to eat anything until I get this B removed. There’s a wire in my mouth!”. Naturally food is my primary worry. So I leave and go to my car, and fortunately, and able to smooth down the wire so it is no longer stabbing my tongue-flesh. So yeah, I guess I am finally going to have to get this stupid thing removed, like my dentists told me to 4 years ago. Yeah, yeah.

2. I only have 4 work days left until I have TWELVE (12!) (twelve!) days off!

3. I get to see my fave tomorrow! Smile


NoteCurrently listening to: Paralyzer – Finger Eleven.

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