Prickly Pear Poblanos, Fro Yo, TK WU

Happy Saturday! Let me bring you up to speed on the last few days.

Prickly Pear

Thursday evening my BFF since age 5 came to visit and we had a lovely evening! We enjoyed dinner at Prickly Pear, downtown Ann Arbor, and I ordered the Chicken Poblano Rellenos, which their menu describes as, “poblano peppers filled with chicken & cheese, dusted with corn masa & pan fried over sautéed spinach.” I was in awe at the size of these poblano peppers. The poblanos that I buy are typically quite smaller than these big guys at Prickly Pear. The chicken and cheese filling was pretty standard white meat chicken, and some spice probably would not have hurt. I really loved the poblano peppers themselves – poblanos pack a mild to moderate level of heat, which I like because I can still taste the actual flavor of the pepper itself. Sometimes when I eat very hot foods, all I taste is “hot” and “heat,” but very little actual flavor, and that is not the case when I eat poblanos – I appreciate that! Since it is an established fan that I am anti-cilantro, I was a fan of the fact that Prickly Pear garnished my pan-fried poblanos with nice fresh, grassy parsley!

The bed of sautéed spinach was enjoyable, but the side of chopped veggies -  onion, summer squash, zukes, red bell peppers – was a tad bland, and again could have benefitted from additional seasoning. The beans and rice were wholesome and delicious.

Thursday was the craziest day at work – crazy because of the people with which I dealt! Phew. That day demanded a nice glass of red to accompany my dinner! I had a glass of Blackstone Merlot and I really liked this wine. It tasted rich and velvety.


As is typical, natch, I left my leftovers at the table and was impressed that a staff member flagged me down as I walked out the door! I had enough leftovers for a nice-sized lunch!

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Amer’s YogurtRush

After dinner, AD and I hit up the Fro Yo counter in Amer’s (Yogurtrush) for a little guiltless dessert indulgence. This is the first time I’ve tried their Fro Yo and it was super delish! I had half Mocha Walnut and half of a Strawberry flavor, topped with fruit and caramel. Mmm Smile


Amer’s: Amer's Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

Friday was my work holiday party, and I feasted! I didn’t really get a chance to nom-blog the entrée feast, but I did catch a quick shot of the ample dessert table. I had a piece of a cheesecake with a berry topping and it was so utterly rich and luscious!


Later that evening, I went to see the movie Black Swan (you can watch the trailer here – opens in a new window). The hub and I redeemed some of our frequent moviegoer points (we have a TON!) for free popcorns and drinks. This movie was amazing – I totally LOVED it! I had very high expectations, knowing that Natalie Portman (my FAVE!) was in the film, and also due to all of the Golden Globe/Oscar buzz the movie is receiving. I was NOT disappointed! Definitely one of the better movies I’ve seen at the theater in quite a while.



Saturday: Tonight hub and I both had Asian cuisine on the brain and were wanting to try a new place. Parking was a pain tonight, but we ended up trying out TK WU, on Liberty Street; a place I’ve walked by so many times, but have never eaten at.

We both start out sipping on hot tea and enjoying a bowl of Hot and Sour Soup. TK WU seemed  mindful of their food presentation, and I couldn’t wait to dig into this pretty bowl of Sweet and Sour soup, which smelled strongly of sesame oil (a scent that I frequently repeat that I adore!). It was thick and delicious.


We also ordered a Crab Cheese appetizer (I forgot to photograph these until we had already devoured half of the plate of eight!). These had nice crispy wrappers and I was appreciative of the fact that they were not greasy and soggy with oil, as can sometimes happen in Asian restaurants. These were tasty indeed! I love these dipped in duck sauce.


We each picked out a plate, but after soup and apps, could have definitely gotten away with splitting a plate. My choice, below, was one of the Chef’s Specials, Triple Delight, "A splendid combination of beef, chicken and shrimp, delicately balanced with a variety of fresh vegetables in our special sauce,” as the menu reads. The main reason I ordered this dish was because I was hoping for a dish that was generously laden with veggies. I was quite happy with the quantity of veggies and mushrooms in my dish! And the veggies were perfectly cooked, to boot – no soggy broccoli anywhere on this plate! The chicken and the beef were both quite tender, and the shrimp was sweet and yummy. My main issue with this dish was that the “special sauce,” was rather bland. It was very mild and rather flavorless. With that said, it was by no means bad, or even unpleasant, it would have just used a bigger punch of flavor, in my opinion.


The hub ordered Sesame Chicken, and this was not lacking in flavor at all! It had the rich tanginess of General Tsao’s chicken, but with a lesser degree of sweetness. I preferred the Sesame Chicken over my dish. I would order this myself if we went back. Each of the entrées were accompanied by a plate of rice, over which we scoops of the entrees.


Note Currently listening to: Bliss – Muse.

I want to see Muse live so unbelievably terribly. Too bad their only currently announced tour dates are in South America. Garrr.

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