Gingerbread m…er… STARS!

This past Friday was our work holiday party, and we had a “yankee gift swap,” which basically means everyone ends up with someone else’s random $10 gift. Though my original selection was swapped away from me, I ended up with cookie mix, a star-shaped cutter (glad it wasn’t tree, snowflake, or man-shaped, since I just bought a set of those three!), plus an icing bag. I decided to make them today.


P1030130 (2)



What kind of Christmas cookies have you made this year?

Note Currently listening to: The Other Side – Smile Empty Soul.

3 thoughts on “Gingerbread m…er… STARS!

  1. To date, I have yet to make any Christmas cookies. However, I am eagerly awaiting the day when I make sugar cookies with buttercream frosting. They are what fuels Buffalo Bill during the holiday season!

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  3. The child that did my baking does not live here any more ! You know who you are ! HA MOM But yours look cute as they always did !!

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