Chicken-Orzo Soup

Well hello! Guess what today was! Today was my last day of work in 2010. So exciting. A much-needed 12 day vacation is now in front of me. So now that I have some time, let me tell you about a new soup recipe I tried yesterday.

Yes, soup. Hope soup is not starting to bore you. If you haven’t noticed, I really freaking like soup! I like making it. I like photographing it. I like eating it. I like blogging about it. It’s just good stuff, bottom line.

So last week I made a Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup recipe, with veggies, chicken, egg noodles, mushrooms and the like. Yesterday I went a slightly different route and tried a Chicken-Orzo Soup recipe from Cooking Light. I preferred this recipe over last week’s recipe! ‘Twas a good one!

Things started out with the yooj: carrots, celery, onion.



Meanwhile, I boiled orzo in chicken broth.

Oh, and yeah, sorry. My stovetop is a little messy. I haven’t been keeping it very clean, since we don’t know if we are going to keep our current stove or get the electrical sitch resolved so we can have the new one installed yet. So I’m hesitant to waste my time engaging in a deep-cleaning sesh on the stovetop.


Parsley and thyme we invited to the party.


Even lemon was invited. It was quite the bash.


Turned out quite well. I added four huge handfuls of baby spinach to the soup at the very end. The recipe made enough for two hungry people. And it was low-calorie to boot. If you eat half of the recipe, its only around 450 calories. We also had some warm crusty bread for dipping.


Chicken-Orzo Soup Rating: 7.5/10.

Get the recipe HERE.

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