Beef Burgundy + foodie gifts

Well helloooo first day of Christmas vacation! Yeah, I definitely passed out and fell asleep on my laptop with my headphones BLARING this Muse song on repeat for an hour straight last night, and wanted to rip out my throbbing eardrums when I woke up around 2:30 AM. This is what vacation time does to me. My body tends to revert to my old sleeping schedule – staying up obnoxiously late and sleeping obnoxiously late. Oh this is the life.

Upon awakening this morning (around 11:00 AM – DOH!), I threw all the ingredients for my favorite Beef Burgundy recipe in the crock pot.



Six hours later, I had this amazing crock of Beef Burgundy waiting for me in the kitchen! Tender beef stew chunks you could cut with a spoon, a thick luscious mushroom gravy, and the aromatic smells of onion and thyme. I just love this recipe, and it couldn’t be any easier! Instant Tapioca is the secret ingredient, which thickens the juices while the dish cooks, creating a luscious gravy, great for serving over egg noodles.


Beef Burgundy Rating: 9.5/10. One of my favorites!


Served alongside a romaine and spinach salad, perked up with a couple sliced pepperonis and some banana peppers. I make great salads. Smile



Today I tried something new with my coffee. This tip is actually not my own – I heard it somewhere else, and for the life of me cannot remember where! It was either in someone else’s blog or else some show on the Food Network. In any case, I came across this tip for adding flavor to your coffee. Before brewing today, I sprinkled a little cinnamon and nutmeg into my coffee filter, which infused the flavors in my coffee. I have been known to sprinkle nutmeg in my coffee in the past, but I really preferred this method because the flavor permeated the whole pot of coffee, rather than floating suspiciously on top of my coffee.

Sometimes I have grounds, and sometimes I have beans; my coffee maker is capable of handling either. You can either add spices directly to the grounds if you have them, or in my case today, add them to the filter, where my beans will go after they are ground.

This made for a yummy cup of coffee. Usually I just drink unflavored coffee, but once in a while I like flavored coffee, but am hesitant to commit to buying a whole bag of flavored coffee, because I get tired of it after a few pots’ worth. So this was a great option for flavoring a single pot of coffee.


Speaking of coffee, check out what appeared on our doorstep this afternoon! A lovely pound of coffee (+giftcard!) from my veryyyy favorite place to get coffee – Espresso Royale! I am an extremely loyal customer. I randomly had some coffee beans out from brewing earlier so I threw them in the picture, just to class things up a bit. Mmmm this will go to excellent use – thanks Deb!! Smile


Another foodie gift! My Aunt Anne sent me this BOUNTY of nuts! My three favorites!! Pistachios, cashews, and smokehouse almonds. The cashews were opened shortly upon receipt of the package. Sooo buttery and delicious. These will make great healthy snacks!


Oh, and we also received a third foodie gift in the mail this week – a cookbook! I will wait to show you, because I plan to try out a recipe in it soon, and will show you then, when I blog about the food! I love that all my fam + friends get me foodie gifts. Smile You guys are all awesome. Thank you!

Note Currently listening to: Grenade – Bruno Mars.

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