Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2010

Merry Christmas nommers! Hope you’ve been having a wonderful holiday. I’ve enjoyed great company, great food, and great gifting. Here are some highlights.

Christmas Eve

…Spent at my Aunt and Uncle’s house with my parents, sis, hub, aunts and uncle, and cousins. We enjoyed an amazing spread of beef tenderloin, buttery Zingerman’s rolls, green beans, cheesy potatoes, and an outstanding salad. This was preceded by a platter of shrimp and a few nibblers. Oh, and followed by plenty of desserts!



The Kids’ Table: the hub, me, sis Melissa, and cousin Laura. Cheers. Smile



Christmas Day

An intense day for Daisy.


“What is going on? …. Oh, I’m so over it. You guys are nuts.”


“Tom, you really need to get out of my seat. I mean really, this is my cushion…”


Holy presents. Have you ever seen so much STUFF!?!?


Love my stocking. Red heart


Love Christmas brunch!! Please note the precious Christmas coffee mug.


I got so many nice gifts today! I can’t wait to show you all my new foodie gifts and kitchen gadgetry in the coming weeks!

After presents and brunch with my parents, we headed north to spend some time with the hub’s extended fam, and then finally, home sweet home by the evening. I made a mix CD before we left, for the hours and hours we would spend driving. This song was our favorite song on the CD and we kept listening to it on repeat:

NoteCurrently listening to: Sunburn – Muse.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2010

  1. I missed you and Tom and family on Christmas. Your great blog gave me a taste of the festivities! I loved seeing Daisy. It looks like you had fun. We enjoyed Having don during the holidays!

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