Mini Getaway in D-town

Yesterday the hub and returned from our mini-getaway in D-town. Detroit City, baby. (Detroit is kinda scary…shudder.) We stayed at the MotorCity Casino in this lovely room:



I could live with this bathroom…!!! There’s wasn’t a harsh or unflattering light in this bathroom, or in this entire hotel room. The lighting was so warm and cozy feeling; it really made the room and created a nice atmosphere.



View of Detroit from our room on the 10th floor:


Looking down at the ground from the 10th floor.


After checking out our room for a while, we headed down to the buffet. Because…you can’t go to a casino without hitting up the buffet! That is one of the main draws, I think. I mean, this wasn’t the Bellagio Buffet, but it was a good spread of food. Here is one of my two buffet plates; including…. SUSHI! I’m truly a sushi amateur. I’ve only had one piece on two occasions before and didn’t seem to be a fan. But people go crazy over sushi so I’ve been wanting to try more. I had a piece of a California roll (x2), spicy shrimp (my favorite), and spicy tuna. I liked it, but it wasn’t amazingly flavorful or anything. It was also room temperature and I felt like I would have enjoyed it more were it colder. But it was good, and I think I want to try out an actual sushi restaurant now!


Dessert was obnoxious. There is no other word to describe it. Chocolate ice cream doused in heath and chocolate syrup, German chocolate cake, and a chocolate cookie. Obnoxious. This is my calorie-counting splurge of the week. Winking smile


The view from our room was cooler at night! The lights across the side of the casino flashed and changed colors too.



We spent most of the evening playing slot machines (the hub hit an $80 jackpot on the dime slots, but we pretty much broke even by the end of the night; so no big loss, no big win), exploring, and chilling.


In other news, check out the rock I am currently sporting for the next 2.5 weeks:


Yes, this is even MORE obnoxious than my dessert course at the buffet. This HUGH JASS bling is totally fake.

So for the last 2.5 years I’ve been married, I’ve never really had a chance to take in my ring to be sized and to have the solitaire and band soldered together. And since I’ve lost 25+ pounds this year, the rings are now even huger on me. Well yesterday, I finallyyyy took those suckers into Kay’s and they are being resized to fit me (finally!) and soldered together. However, the downside is that I am ring-less for the next 2.5 weeks. So until I get it back, I have this giant, obnoxious, and totally fake-looking bling (that cost <$10) on my hand. Hey, go big or go home, right? A girl can dream. Smile

PS: Does anyone else buy deals on Groupon? I bought my first one today, but have yet to redeem it. It’s an extra-large 5 topping pizza for $9 from Marco’s

Note Currently listening to: Tighten Up – The Black Keys.

4 thoughts on “Mini Getaway in D-town

  1. Motor City Casino and Marian Ilitch are getting some nice advertising from this post! Are you getting any royalties?! I hope there wasn’t any buffalo at the buffet…

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