A Couple Nights In


This weekend was extremely laid-back and I loved it! Friday afternoon’s blizzard crushed any hopes of going for the evening, and I was far more content to stay off the roads and bring home some take-out and watch Mystic River on DVD. We ordered calzones from Bella Italia,
which is located just around the corner from our house, and I made a spinach and romaine salad with avocado to go-with.

The hub and I both ordered the Combo Calzone with Pepperoni, Sausage, Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, and Cheese. Interestingly, the calzones were filled with three types of cheese: Ricotta, Parmesan, and Mozzarella Cheese. Out of no where you would just come across big mounds of ricotta cheese. Marinara sauce was served on the side, and not within the calzone. This was a very tasty calzone! A tad pricy for what it was – but the portion was fairly decent (made two meals out of it). My only complaint is that the crust was rather bland, and would benefit from some garlic or other seasonings, in my opinion.


Bella Italia: Bella Italia on Urbanspoon



Saturday morning I had an appointment scheduled I had to go to, and then afterward, left for my 1:00 PM hair appointment which lasted until 5:00 PM – yes FOUR hours. GAH! The stylist I went to this time did a nice job on the color, but she was slowwww. My hair normally never takes this long to get done. All I did was all-over color and a basic trim – nothing complicated, amirite?

So by the time I got home, my afternoon was pretty much blown, and not long after we went out for dinner at
Biwako Sushi, which opened not too long ago, and is located only about two minutes from our house. Sushi is still quite new to me, having only tried a couple of pieces a couple of times ever in my life (most recently, at the MotorCity Casino buffet), so I didn’t really know what to expect. I like to try new things though.

The hub and I both ordered a dinner combo which included Miso Soup and salad – we both opted for the Ginger dressing on our salads.


Next up, we enjoyed an order of (unpictured) Gyoza, “tender seasoned ground pork, scallions and vegetable, crisply sautéed,” –
an extra piece was thrown in “on the house,” and the Gyoza were delectable little dumpling-like bites.

For the main event, the hub and I both ordered the Spicy Roll combo, each of which included eight pieces each of spicy California roll, spicy tuna roll, and spicy salmon roll – multiply that by two, and that’s a LOT of sushi. The chef prepared our platter in a cute little heart shape (note the cute little rose and wasabi-leaf at the top!). Too cute. We also got our picture taken for a collage the staff is attempting
to make of their patrons enjoying sushi. These rolls were quite spicy indeed – my mouth was left (pleasantly?) burning, but that is a good thing to me. Smile


The hub and I polished off about 2/3 of the sushi platter and brought the rest home for the next day’s lunch. OH, and yes, for the first time (ever..) I ate an entire meal with chopsticks. Score. I’m still an amateur though.

With our check, we were brought two skewered bites of a deliciously sweet orange.


Biwako Sushi: Biwako sushi on Urbanspoon


Saturday night we stayed in again (yeah, we’re getting old) and watched Crazy Heart with a little fro-yo and a little MORE wine. Winking smile


Note Currently listening to: Ruled by Secrecy – Muse.

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