Vegetarian Week – Day #2: Pasta Bean Soup (plus some rants + snarks)

Veggie Lunch #2:

It’s the second day of my Vegetarian Week – I actually had a few minutes to prepare lunch today, with tasty results. I was aiming to get some protein-rich foods in there, like cottage cheese, peanut butter, and hummus. I’ve also been obsessed with pineapple + cottage cheese lately.


I ate breakfast today – a banana! I was famished this morning – which is highly unusual. The almonds were taken to work as an intended afternoon snack, but my lunch held me over, so I’ll save ‘em for another day.


Veggie Dinner #2:

Pasta Bean Soup

All afternoon I was thinking about making this soup! (What can I say – it was an uneventful day, aside from a few irritating phone calls.)

This soup is full of nutrish goodies: holy trinity (carrot, onion, celery), vegetable broth, whole wheat pasta, Italian Seasoning, red pepper, and four cloves of garlic (I used a little extra!). Click here for the recipe, from Taste of Home. Oh, and LC says hi!


I let the above pot simmer for 15 minutes, and then stirred in two drained and rinsed cans of kidney beans and a can of diced tomatoes.


Easy! Filling, hearty, delicious. The meat-loving hub gave a 7.5/10 rating, but my rating is:

Pasta Bean Soup Rating: 9.5/10. I could live on this ish!


Asiago Cheese ‘Take and Bake’ Meijer bakery bread was served on the side, warm from the oven. Great for dipping!


Rants and Snarks

I still haven’t my Cooking Light magazine in the mail and am concerned! Each day I check the mail after work, eagerly anticipating a new food magazine, and have been disappointed. Sad smile I hope it arrives soon. I recently subscribed to two more foodie/cooking magazines and am also awaiting those!: Eating Well and Vegetarian Times. Yeah, I’m turning into a real Ann Arborite with my vegetarianism. Wah wah – yeah, this is my white girl problem of the day.

Here’s a more relate-able problem perhaps. This weekend in the mail I received a packet for renewing my driver’s license, tabs, and ordered a new plate. (THANK GOD I am eligible by mail this year – I would prefer to visit HELL for a day than the Secretary of State office.) But holy noms – this was freaking confusing. Like honestly. I consider myself pretty intelligent and skilled at “figuring things out” but I was utterly baffled by this shit. Who wrote these crappy instructions? Okay, rant #2 for the day, CHECK!

Note Currently listening to: Shadowplay – The Killers.

Light bulbWord of the Day: Snarky.

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