Vegetarian Week – Day #4: Chipotle Veg Burritos

Today’s blog content would not normally be blog-worthy, but since it is MGNN “Vegetarian Week,” I feel obligated compelled to provide an update!

Into the weekly dinner menu, I had etched in Chipotle for one work night. Tonight was that night! After work, the hub and I hit up Chipotle and both ordered a Vegetarian Burrito. I typically order the Vegetarian Burrito whenever I visit Chipotle anyways, so this was no change for me, but the hub departed from his meat-eating ways to support vegetarianism with me tonight.

On the burrito: cilantro-lime rice, black beans, tomato salsa, fajita veggies (so good with a great smoky grilled flavor!), and their OH-SO delicious GUAC. Cheese and sour cream were omitted in my case, in an effort to cut down on calories. According to the site’s nutrition facts, this burrito clocks in at around 735 calories, and has kept me full, 5 hours later. I’m a big Chipotle fan!


(And to anyone who is wondering, the meals the rest of the day were meatless as well. Hummus + Everything pretzel crisps + carrots + potato salad + banana + few bites of a leftover Zinger’s veggie sammie. I was in a grazing-type mood today.)

Note Currently listening to: Shake Me Down – Cage the Elephant.

3 thoughts on “Vegetarian Week – Day #4: Chipotle Veg Burritos

  1. Great job with the Veggie Week! It would be great to see a “Meat Week” or a “Seafood Week” from you in the future. Meat Week would exclude buffalo, of course…

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