Vegetarian Week – Day #5: Black Bean Taco Pizza

Veggie Lunch #5:

Do you know what Whole Foods did? They changed their salad bar boxes!

What? That’s not exciting news to you? Okay, it really isn’t to me either. But I will say that these new boxes, which are about two inches deeper, really do make you feel as if your salad is small, and as though you need to keep piling on more toppings. Those sneaky little b’s. (Trivia: “Little B’s” was the name of my intramural broomball team in college.)

In any case, today for lunch I visited the WF salad bar. Again, the box makes the salad look deceivingly small, but my *big* salad was just about 0.9 lbs, and I added my own dressing at home! A little bit of nearly everything: baby greens, spinach, kale, broccoli, bell peppers, red onion, cherry tomatoes, carrot, chickpeas, edamame, pepitas, artichoke hearts, and two kinds of tofu. Oh, and a scoop of cranberry Israeli couscous, because it is my favorite!


I also had an excellent juicy orange.


Veggie Dinner #5:

Black Bean Taco Pizza

Tonight’s dinner AGAIN involved beans. Yeah, they’ve been a constant fixture in my vegetarian kitchen this week. Kidney beans on Monday. Cannellinis on Tuesday. Black beans in my Chipotle burrito yesterday. Chickpeas earlier today, and in hummus all week. And today, more black beans, in my Black Bean Taco Pizza.


This recipe was really quite simple. This was my first time trying a pizza crust dry mix, and I must tell you that it was much tastier than the refrigerated tube-kinds (cheaper too!). Pre-baking for 4-5 minutes atop a sprinkling of cornmeal, before adding topping to the crust may have also helped, as my crust didn’t get soggy the way the tube-crusts do. Instead, it had a very nice bready texture!

After a few minutes of pre-baking, to the crust I added toppings:

  • taco sauce (I used medium heat)
  • shredded cheese (reduced-fat colby & monterey jack)
  • diced tomatoes (I used canned, no-salt added)
  • frozen corn
  • chopped green chilies (I found a tasty fire-roasted variety)
  • black beans (canned, drained and rinsed, no-salt added)
  • green onions (I added after baking)


After 15 minutes in the oven.. oh yeah baby!


A dollop of light sour cream – and BAM! Taco pizza – a tasty meatless entrée.


My only complaint was that I thought the amount of taco sauce suggested (an entire 8 oz bottle) was too much. Maybe if your crust was thinner than mine and you had a greater surface area it would have been an appropriate amount, but I felt that my slices were drowning in taco sauce. So my advice is to go easy on the taco sauce (you can always add a few more dashes after baking if more is desired), and pick a good taco sauce that you know you like, as that seems to be the dominant flavor in the pizza.

Other than that, this made a really delicious, easy, and satisfying vegetarian dinner. Easy clean-up too; always a bonus. Click here for the link to the recipe from Taste of Home Healthy Cooking magazine.



Reduce, Reuse….

Not only does this blog post discuss vegetarianism, but it will now also discuss recycling! I’m a true Ann Arborite at heart.

Ann Arbor recently adopted single-stream recycling. What this means is that I can throw all my recycling “ish” in one big, wheeled cart each week, and not have to worry about sorting it. I’m a fan!

Additionally, residents have the opportunity to enroll in RecycleBank, which is a recycling incentive program that awards points for recycling. The points may be redeemed for things like coupons for local restaurants and businesses, charitable donations, or magazine subscriptions. After participating in the program for a few months, I would say that I have increased the number of items that I recycle, and have been racking up some points.

Today, I decided to redeem a few! With my points, I selected a free one-year subscription to Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine (go ahead and laugh at me, Hanna), as well as a highly-discounted one-year subscription to Time magazine for only $2.00! (56 issues kids! – Don’t worry, they’ll make their way back into the recycle bin eventually). Saweet!

Note Currently listening to: Endlessly – Muse.

3 thoughts on “Vegetarian Week – Day #5: Black Bean Taco Pizza

  1. GR adopted single stream recycling early last year … I LOVE it. in fact, we’re considering downsizing our trash bin because we recycling SO much more now. I am jealous of your reward points for recycling … then again, A2 is a little more progressive. 😉

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