Vegetarian Week – Day #6: Black Bean Tacos + Fried Pickles

Made it to Friday! Still going strong on the meatless meals.

Veggie Lunch #6:

Friday’s lunch, eaten in haste in my cubicle, consisted of cottage cheese + fresh pineapple, and, for the main event, a bowl of leftover pizza toppings. Remember the night before I made Black Bean Taco Pizza? I had a few leftover pizza toppings, including black beans, diced tomatoes, chopped green chilies, and a palmful of thawed frozen corn, so added a splash of taco sauce, tossed, and topped with shredded cheese, scallions, and a dollop of light sour cream. Yum!



Veggie Dinner #6:


Friday we always go out for dinner, and this week I tried to think of a place that offered vegetarian options. Sidetrack immediately came to mind. So after work, we headed to Depot Town:


I kind of spaced out when it came to taking pictures at dinner, but I have a few regardless. To start, I ordered a tall (and TALL it was – much bigger than this pic) porter.

And I’ve eaten so many fried pickles at Sidetrack in my time that I have a plethora of pickle pictures saved on my computer, so here is one, representing our appetizer.




It’s a known fact that I have a slight obsession with Sidetrack’s black bean burger, especially when served in taco-form (yes more beans today!). Here is a picture of my leftovers (Vegetarian Week, Lunch #6):


And for dessert… since we were just down the road from Dom’s, we stopped in for a half-dozen donuts (which will be rationed out carefully!) Smile with tongue out



Note Currently listening to: Nobodies – Marilyn Manson.

4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Week – Day #6: Black Bean Tacos + Fried Pickles

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  3. If you can ever get the recipe for the Sidetrack Black Bean Burgers, please please post. We went there with our son this summer and I fell in love with those, only problem I live in Allendale it doesn’t work a two and half hour drive for dinner.

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