Greek Avgolemono Soup Fail

Hey y’all. Today I did a ton of cooking! Can you believe I made THREE soups!? Two are currently residing in my fridge for consumption later this week, while the third was prepared for dinner tonight. Unfortunately it wasn’t the greatest.

I had a mini internal spaz-out at the grocery store when I couldn’t find leeks anywhere in the recently rearranged produce section. (Yeah, I know, if that’s my biggest concern of the day I should consider myself lucky.) I settled for these “bulb onions” which looked some sort of mutant cross between green onions, leeks, and white onions. I tasted a piece and it had a sharper flavor than a leek, so I added a bit less than my recipe called for.

The recipe I made was from and was for Greek Avgolemono Soup – more or less the Greeks’ Chicken Noodle Soup.



Yeah, this just wasn’t very good at all. Super bland and TOO onion-y. And you know that I adore onions! It’s pretty much the only time ever that I have eaten something and thought that it was overly onion-y. Blame the lack of leeks, partially.

My Soup Rating: 4/10.


The salad and warm Asiago cheese bread were luckily tasty, though!

I ate about half of the bowl of soup and then sent the rest down the disposal. (It cost me less than $5 to make, since I had almost everything on hand, so I wasn’t too worried about it.) Instead, I defrosted a couple pumpkin waffles that I made a few weeks ago and had placed extras in the freezer. After defrosting in the microwave for a minute, I heated the waffles in the toaster and slathered in Butter Pecan Syrup.

I’ve also decided to extend my vegetarian diet for a few more days. As you’ve likely noticed, I’ve stopped eating meat for the last week, and decided to continue with it for a few more days this week, as I’ve been feeling really good about it. I’ve also been taking a daily multivitamin in case I’m missing out any anything because of the lack of meat in my diet, such as Vitamin B12 or Iron. I’ve planned meatless meals through Thursday, so we’ll see what happens after that!

PS-I am wondering if I may have accidentally “cheated” in my vegetarian diet this week. I definitely ate my fair share of cheese and apparently many cheeses contain “rennet,” which is an animal-derived enzyme. I’ll have to do a little digging. Did you know that (strict) vegetarians also do not eat worcestershire sauce because it contains anchovies? I feel like if I were to ever become vegetarian that I don’t think I would ever be strict enough to care about things like this. I’m not saying that it is bad if you do, I’d totally respect that, but I just don’t have room in my life to concern myself with picky little thing like that at this point.

Note Currently listening to: This Is Not The End – The Bravery.

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