Vegetarian Week – Day #7: Spinach Lasagna at Pizza House

Saturday was Day 7 of my self-proclaimed ‘Vegetarian Week.’ It was also ‘date night’ for me and the huz, so I printed out my latest Groupon purchase, highly-discounted tickets to the School of Music, Theatre & Dance’s Collage Concert.


Before the show, the hub and I went to Pizza House for din-din. Started things out with house merlot and a Caesar salad.


For my seventh vegetarian dinner entrée this week, I ordered the Spinach Lasagna. Pizza House had plenty of meatless options! This was quite tasty too!


The hub has eaten all of the vegetarian meals I’ve prepared this week gladly and with no complaint, but tonight he was all about the meat. He ordered a hugh jass double cheeseburger (16 oz!) – which, may I add, smelled smoky, grilled and amazing! – with giant onion rings. He was pleased. I almost had a bite, but resisted! Winking smile


Pizza House on Urbanspoon

Amer’s YogurtRush

After dinner we still had some time until we could pick up our tickets at will-call so we went to Amer’s YogurtRush for dessert. (Yep, went here a few weeks ago with my bestie!). We perched ourselves in the stools looking out upon State Street for some people watching.


Boysenberry tart + Chocolate fro-yo topped with blackberries, strawberries, pineapple, gummy bears, and chocolate chips. Yummay!


After dessert, we headed over to Hill Auditorium for the show.


Our seats were quite good! I was especially impressed since we had purchased them for around 60% off on Groupon. We were off to the side of the stage, but only about 3 rows back from the section of the stage in front of us. I enjoyed the arrangement of the show, which featured back-to-back performances, without pausing for applause. We saw solos, small ensembles, an entire symphony orchestra and band, choirs, actors, and dancers. My favorite piece was the University Symphony Orchestra’s performance of ‘Nimrod’ from Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar (the Pomp & Circumstance guy)… The music began in pitch black and was like one giant crescendo, increasing in loudness as the lights slowly got brighter. It gave me the chills.


Nice night. Smile

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