My First Green Monster

Hey y’all. Haven’t posted in a couple days, but with good reason. My dinners the last two nights were recipe repeats, and didn’t want to bore you by double-posting them!

So Tuesday night I made White Bean & Avocado Wraps again. Remember these, made during my recent Vegetarian Week? I love this recipe!


And Wednesday I again made Leek, Potato, & Spinach Stew with hot Italian turkey sausage and cannellinis in it. I made this for the first time about three weeks ago and have been craving it ever since! The first time I made this soup it was chock full of tasty leeks, but this week, I again could not find leeks at Meijer, so I replaced leeks with extra green onion and sweet onion, which worked well.


Ahh, and that brings us to this evening, Thursday. Tonight was a later dinner than usual (which left me ravenous for dinner!) since we had the closing on our refinanced home loan this evening. So exciting. (Not really.) We actually locked in a great interest rate that’s going to save us a large chunk of money each month.

A late dinner necessitated a quick and easy recipe. I got this idea to make Greek pita pizzas from the most recent issue of Healthy Cooking magazine, using this recipe. I simply topped pitas with pizza sauce and some yummy toppings: mozzarella, feta, green pepper, onion, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and baby spinach, and baked at 350 F for about 10 minutes. Oh, and I added ‘nana peppas to mine too! (Omitted for the hub.) Two pizzas per person, but I couldn’t quite finish both of mine, despite my ravenous hunger.


Greek Pita Pizza! Seasoned with salt, pepper, and dried oregano.


I DID, however, have room for “dessert” a bit later this evening.


Why, Miss Mrs. MegGoesNomNom, is that SPINACH!? In your…dessert!?

Yes. Yes it is.

windsor 003-2


Yes. Yes I did. (That picture was taken over 5 years ago, FYI!)

So, I made my first “Green Monster” tonight, inspired by Angela and her “Green Monster Movement.” I’ve been wanting to try this for ages now, and finally decided to go for it tonight!


My take on the Green Monster was based off of Angela’s “virgin” monster recipe. Here’s what I used, which made two smoothies:

  • 2 large handfuls baby spinach
  • 6 oz Stonyfield yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 1/4 c frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 c water
  • several handfuls of ice cubes

Blend everything but the ice until smooth, and then add in the ice until your reach your desired consistency. Mine got nice and thick. Next time I will add even more spinach!

You know those plastic Carnival Cruiselines glass are the epitome of classiness.


So delicious. It’s true what “they” say – you truly cannot taste the spinach. Like, at all. Really. So yummy!! And so nutritious! I love these! Will ABSOLUTELY be making more very soon!! The hub had one too and enjoyed. Smile



Oh… and guess what I bought! Tickets to see Korn!! Floor seats! I am so excited (yet admittedly a bit frightened of being moshed to smithereens on the floor). I saw Korn a few years ago but these seats (er..standing) will be way better (despite the craptastic venue – Dow Event Center in Sagnasty, a place I typically try to avoid). Feelin’ like a freak on a leash.

NoteCurrently listening to: Endlessly – Muse.

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