Mini Ham ‘n’ Cheese Frittatas

I make breakfast for dinner often. Today I was in the mood for something “eggy” and “cheesy” and “hammy.” I found a recipe from Taste of Home that satisfied those conditions: Mini Ham ‘n’ Cheese Frittatas.

This recipe was quite easy, really, though it did take a few minutes to assemble. Into the bottom of nine cooking-spray coated muffin cups (as in the nonstick metal pan itself), I added diced cooked ham and shredded sharp cheddar. In another bowl, I whisked together four egg whites, six eggs, salt and pepper, a spoonful of sour cream and of water (as a substitute for milk, of which I was out!), and chopped green onions (substitute for chives). I then evenly poured the egg mixture over the ham and cheese, filling the muffin cups nearly to the top. The recipe says to fill the cups 3/4 full but mine were really, really full. Probably more like 15/16ths full! Yay – fractions!

These beautifies puffed up considerably while baking! I found that 22 minutes at 375 F made for perfectly-cooked mini frittatas, in my oven.


I served my mini frittatas with maple syrup-doused sausage links and redskins sauteed in EVOO with sweet onion, red bell pepper, and seasoned with salt, pepper, Chicken Rub seasoning, and red pepper flakes.

I cannot get over how tasty these mini frittatas were! I absolutely loved them! So delicious, hearty, and low-calorie to boot. (If you use fat-free cheddar, they are only about 105 calories each!). Click here for the recipe from Taste of Home.

Mini Frittatas Rating: 9/10



Jamaican Jerk Pit

This weekend I also tried out a new local restaurant: Jamaican Jerk Pit. I have been to Jamaica. Twice, mon. And while there, the hub and I made nightly pit stops at the “Beach Grill” for a basket (or two..or three…) of Jerk Chicken around midnight each night. Gotta love those all-inclusive resorts. I have no idea if that was “authentic” Jerk Chicken, but here’s what it looked like in Jamaica (yes I took a picture of it – this is back in 2008!):


We recently snatched up a Groupon for Jamaican Jerk Pit, and this weekend we redeemed it. We started with an order of Fried Plantains sprinkled with powdered sugar. They didn’t quite live up to Frita Batidos’ plantains, but they were good. Our server was also very nice. Please forgive my iPhone-quality pics.


I ordered the Jerk Chicken Wrap and I loved every bite of it. The pita was thick, pillowy, warm, and soft. The chicken was abundant and had a moderately hot and spicy flavor. I loved the sautéed veggies in the wrap too. Mmm MMm MMM! I will crave this until we go back again! The fries were solid too. The huz ordered the Jerk Chicken Sandwich and said that my wrap was much better. This picture really doesn’t do the wrap justice!


For dessert we split a piece of Key Lime Pie. It had a more gelatinous texture that the thick, luscious cheesecake I had a few days ago at Carson’s, but it was still nice and tart and tasty. I also liked the graham cracker crust and the minimal amount of much-loathed whipped cream. It was also garnished with a cucumber slice. Just kidding. But it looks like it though, doesn’t it?



Last night we saw Blue Valentine at the State Theatre. I really freaking loved this movie too. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling were both wonderful. Definitely not a feel good movie, and I left with hardcore black eyeliner streaming down my face from crying, but really good. Really sad.


Going to The Bang! tonight. Holla. Livin’ the life.

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