Flint Town Fun

This weekend I spent about 24 hours in Flint and let me tell you – it was intense! I couldn’t possibly tell you about all the craziness that went down but I do have a few photo highlights for you. I got to see my two favorites! Smile These two b’s in green:


Lunch at Casa Real in Flint. I ordered a Fajita Quesadilla. This quesadilla was covered in foodgasmic blanco queso which rocked my world beyond belief. Almost as much as my amazing lunch companion.



Typical Flint Fail. Facts:

  • The Buick is parked illegally. That is not even a parking spot.
  • Even if it WERE a parking spot, they were parked about 3 feet past where the line would be.


Totally Ghetto. Robert T and Saginaw St and Court St and Dort Hwy. That’s how we roll. Winking smile

Went to a Metallica and Tool laser show.


After being chased through a parking lot, we got some drinks and a shitton of food. Etc.


I totally forgot to bring shoes to change into after the gym so I bought these amazing new boots at Courtland. You like? They were 70% off!


Then came back to Ann Arbor for Taco Night with the huz. Tomorrow he will be the B-day Boy. Er… MAN. We are getting’ old! Truth!



NoteCurrently listening to: Unforgiven II – Metallica.

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