Sadako Sushi

The huz’s birthday is coming up soon, so this past Friday it was his turn to choose our dinner spot. Sadako Japanese Restaurant is a locally well-known sushi spot, and this was the huz’s choice. It should be noted that I am still an amateur in the world of sushi! The first time I tried it I really wasn’t a fan. But I always hear people raving about sushi, so I was willing to give it a second chance. My second opportunity for trying sushi was at the Motor City Casino last December, and then more recently, for a third time, I tried sushi again at Biwako Sushi in Ann Arbor. In terms of quality and taste, Sadako was the best I have tried so far. We started out with an order of beef Gyoza that we split. This was very tasty and I loved the serving platter! These dumplings were also preceded by salad with ginger dressing and miso soup.


We ordered four rolls to split. Starting at 12:00, moving clockwise, they were:

  • Spicy Tuna – tuna, avocado, spicy sauce (my least favorite)
  • Sadako Roll – crunch, special sauce over avocado, crab salad (my second favorite!)
  • Spicy Salmon – salmon, avocado, spicy sauce (very hot! very good)
  • Philadelphia – smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, asparagus (our mutual favorite!)


What I noticed about Sadako’s sushi versus the sushi I have had in the past is that Sadako’s meat quantity was much more generous. These rolls were were quite meaty! I really liked this sushi – we’ll be back. The service at Sadako was prompt and accurate but extremely impersonal (I wasn’t even asked what I wanted to drink!) whereas at Biwako Sushi the service was very attentive and I felt that my patronage was much more appreciated. But, I have to give credit to Sadako for the promptness, because it was quite busy when we went in.

Back later!

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