I don’t think I ever gave you guys an update on my newly acquired bird feeder. It took a few days, but the birds have found it. So has this guy:


I have NO idea how he gets up there. I DO know that during my lunch hour today, I may or may not have sprayed that pole with Pam. That little gem of a tip is from the huz’s wise grandparents (though I believe they recommended Crisco!) Smile

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

This week I’ve made a couple easy dinner recipes. On Monday I made Buffalo Chicken wraps (inspired by this recipe), using my fave Flatout wraps, romaine, light ranch dressing, buffalo wing sauce-dressed boneless skinless chicken breast, and gorgonzola cheese. They may not look like it, but they were pretty filling – each wrap had about 1/4 lb of chicken in it! I also steamed organic broccoli and carrots and drizzled with a homemade white sauce made with skim milk, corn starch, butter, salt, pepper, and a sharp cheddar. I slice my carrots in half lengthwise before steaming, otherwise they won’t cook as quickly as the broccoli.


Can’t wait until I have natural light for food photography again!



Meatless Chili Mac

Recipe from Taste of Home

Tonight I made another recipe from my Comfort Food Diet cookbook, for which I had high hopes. I was slightly disappointed that this dish was merely mediocre. It sure was easy though. I basically sautéed onion, green pepper, and garlic together, then dumped everything else in the pot and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Wam bam! Plus it was cheap and low-calorie. So it’s difficult to complain.



Just meh.



And yes, I am still shredding! Today was Day 9! Which means I only have one more day at Level 1 and then it will be time to move on up to Level 2. Click the icon below to read my daily updates:



Today I turned the volume wayyyy down on Jillian and made a Shred playlist.


What is your favorite workout music?

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