Taco-Stuffed Pepper Cups

It’s been five days since my last post and I’ve missed blogging! I haven’t had a whole lot of food-bloggable happenings lately, which is part of the reason. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Cookin’ Solo

Since the huz was out of town on business for part of this week, I had three evenings of dinners by myself. In an attempt to use up pantry staples and food in my freezer, on one night I made Chickpea Wraps and Couscous. The next night I went for an effortless, not-very-healthy-but-oh-so-delicious (in a guilty pleasure kind of way) dinner of boxed Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Not just any Mac ‘c’ Cheese either – Dino Mac! I won’t lie – it was good too.


Another evening, I redeemed one of my Groupons to get this XLarge-size pizza with five toppings from Marco’s pizza, for which I paid only $9 (that’s over half-off) at the time of the Groupon purchase, so there was no charge when I picked it up. This was my first time trying Marco’s. It was pretty non-remarkable. Definitely not the best, not the worst, just middle of road. I’ve had much better in Ann Arbor, but this was a deal, and I liked all the toppings and free parmesan-garlic flavored crust. They also had it hot and ready for pick up very quickly My toppings were:

  • bacon
  • pineapple
  • banana peppers
  • mushrooms
  • green olives


Marco’s: Marco's Pizza on Urbanspoon

Taco-Stuffed Pepper Cups

Once the huz was back, on Thursday evening I tried out this recipe for Taco-Stuffed Pepper Cups from Taste of Home.

First I sliced two green peppers in half, removed the seeds and ribs, and dropped them in boiling water. After three minutes I removed the peppers from the pot and rinsed with cold water.


Meanwhile, I prepared the “pepper cup” filling, using:

  • lean ground turkey
  • onion
  • canned kidney beans
  • tomato sauce
  • taco seasoning


Then I simply added spoonfuls of the filling into the halved green peppers, and topped with a small amount of sharp cheddar, light sour cream, diced tomatoes with green chilies, and if you like it hot like me, pickled jalapeno slices. If you use portion-controlled and lighter versions of the sour cream and cheese, each pepper cup is only 260 calories, according to the Taste of Home website/cookbook. I had two with a side of brown rice and quinoa blend. Soooo good! I absolutely loved these peppers and will definitely make them again.

Taco-Stuffed Pepper Cups Rating: 9.5/10.

Get the recipe HERE.




After dinner, FiveCentFemme and I met up with some others at Crazy Wisdom Tea Room to see some live music (and check out some interesting literature along the way.)



Friday Night

On Friday, the huz and I went to Bdub’s, and started out with a new item on their menu: Fried Pickles. These weren’t bad, but I always prefer spears over chips, and I always prefer homemade over ones that tasted like they came from a freezer and were dumped in hot oil. Regardless, I’m glad I tried these and they were good, not great. I’d say the Fried Pickles I made earlier this week were better. Smile


I ordered twelve boneless wings – 6 Asian Zing and 6 Hot BBQ. These didn’t taste as fresh as usual – they weren’t very hot (temperature-wise; flavor-wise they were quite hot!!!), but they were still good.


I did take two days off “shredding” this week, but today I got back on track. Read the updates by clicking the icon below!:



Note Currently listening to: If You Seek Amy – Britney Spears.

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