The Bang Sprang Forward

Happy Spring Forward Day! As much as I don’t like “losing” an hour of my weekend, I DO love brighter evenings! Before the clocks sprang ahead last night, FiveCentFemme and I went to The Bang! This month it was the “Gay-lick Bang.” How clever.

For fuel, we got Chinese from our staple take-out spot – Paradise Restaurant. I ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken dinner combo, which came with fried rice, an egg roll, and a piece of crab rangoon, and also an order of Hot and Sour Soup. Was super. They have some of the best Hot and Sour in town – it’s one of my favorite things. EvAR.


I can live with this fortune. Yay!

Paradise Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Then we got ready to go.. Here’s the obligatory shot of my Bang! outfit. I bought these new jeans last weekend and I’m digging them – American Rag brand, from Macy’s. Please note my GLOWSTICK HEADBAND. Rolling on the floor laughing



We drank some Bell’s Winter White.



I guess we dressed pretty conservatively this time…! Relatively speaking… Lots of buttcheek flesh to be seen. Not mine, though.


Lots of …interesting.. music at this Bang! Loved it. It was a GOOD one – one of the better ones.


After killing the last song at 2:00 AM, it suddenly became 3:00 AM. Given my recent bad experience at Fleetwood, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the horrible service, nor the huge post-bar crowd, so we instead went to good ol’ 24/7 Steak ‘N’ Shake, another place I’ve avoided for the past year or two because of consistently bad service – luckily our service last night was improved over past visits we’ve had.

A glowstick may or may not have shattered on the way to Steak ‘n’ Shake. May it rest it peace. In the middle of Packard Road.

I ordered a Double Cheeseburger with everything, and with fries. I truly love their fries. I ate every last bite of my burger and fries. Smile


After the bang and before Steak ‘n’ Shake, we made a quick pit stop at home to pick up a coupon, and the huz had recently gotten home from his night out with “da boyz,” so he decided to join us too. He got a shake. For the record, FiveCentFemme got the Guac Burger I had been eyeballing on the menu – but I did not regret not ordering it because they totally skimped on the guac, from what it looked like!


I think it was about 5:00 AM by the time my head hit the pillow last night this morning!

Note Currently listening to: White Lies – My Dear Disco.

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