St. Paddy’s Day Pad thai

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Hope I’m not disappointing you with my lack of Irish recipes this week. I instead have a tasty Pad Thai recipe (Pad Thai… St. Paddy’s Day… Get it!?!?!?) to share. It’s safe to say my St. Paddy’s Day this year was MUCH tamer than in years past.

Circa 2005:

Outta controlGreen roommies2Green Beer!

Circa 2011:


Yeah, I’m okay with that. I DID get gussied up in my green this past weekend at The Bang!, so that works.

So tonight I made this Pad Thai recipe from Cooking Light. It was a highly flavorful recipe consisting of:

  • Stir Fry Veggies, Green Onion, and Garlic, sauteed, and mixed into:
    • Flat Rice Noodles, tossed in a sauce of:
      • Sriracha
      • Fish Sauce
      • Soy Sauce
      • Brown Sugar
      • Lime Juice (I forgot this!)
    • Sprinkled with:
      • Fresh Basil
      • Chopped Peanuts
      • Bean Sprouts

The original recipe called for shrimp, not the Stir Fry Veggies. After I tossed my tiny, salad-sized frozen shrimp into a skillet, I realized that they did not appear to be deveined, which totally creeped me out and I refused to eat them (they were $2.99 is all), after having a total diva moment. In a pinch, I tossed in about 2/3 of a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies, which worked out just fine, despite the lack of protein. I really thought this dish was nearly restaurant-quality, and would like to make it again using either tofu or chicken.

CLICK HERE for the original recipe from Cooking Light.

My Rating: 8.5/10

(With a protein in it, it would probably get a 9/10 rating

..Maybe I’ll have a Guinness with it?

Also …I have an eye appointment at 8:00 AM tomorrow. What the hell was I thinking!? Annoyed

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8 thoughts on “St. Paddy’s Day Pad thai

  1. That looks so good. My boyfriend is obsessed with sriracha sauce, so I may have to make this one night soon. I don’t miss the shenanigans that went along with St. Paddy’s Days past either. Last night was low key with some friends and it was great!

  2. hope u enjoyed the Guinness.
    the pad thai just didnt get me excited. molly omally’s cookbook The Big Table is an interesting read. not irish but lots of handed down ethnic “american” recepies. cool pics too. much more than just a cookbook. delves into family handed down traditions.
    SPANKED those Tenn. volunteers. yeh baby!!!

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