A Subpar Experience at Red Brick

Saturday night we hit up the village of Dexter to try out a new restaurant called Red Brick Kitchen & Bar. Here’s a view from the street – you can see the lovely exposed brick inside and the warm ambiance.


We didn’t have too much trouble finding street parking. We arrived around 6:15 PM, and waited around 15 minutes to be seated. All the bar seats were full (there are only maybe eight total), so we stood and waited in a slightly awkward area in front of people eating their food.

I loved the bar area, with exposed brick walls, modern pendant lighting, and contemporary décor. The wood beams in the ceiling and the handsome espresso-colored wood tables also added to the intimate atmosphere.

Once a table was ready, we were offered a table right next to where everyone was waiting, so I wondered if it would be okay if we could have a seat toward the back, even if there was a slightly longer wait, but it turns out there was a high top table available in the very back that we were taken too.

I was a tad sad that there was no beer on tap so I ordered a bottle of Killian’s. I did see “Michigan IPA” listed under the domestic bottles and asked our server which one that was, to which she replied it’s a “pale ale.’” Uh…yeah, thanks. I do know what an IPA is, thanks. I assumed it was a local Michigan’s brewery’s IPA, since, to my knowledge there isn’t a brewing company called “Michigan,” is there? So I just said/thought ‘forget it’ and ordered the Killian’s.

Red Brick’s website slogan is, “(Not Your) Typical Pub Fare,” but really, it did seem like typical pub fare to me. Me being the foodie I am, I tend to zone into the unique, interesting, and exotic items on menus, but nothing really stuck out to me. The menu was pretty much your standard burgers, pizzas, salads, steak, sandwiches. I almost ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza, which seemed to be one of the more “exotic” items on the menu, relatively speaking… But instead, here is what we ordered:

We started with an order of Fried Pickle Chips. If you’re a follower of the blog, you may know that I am a lover of fried pickles, and even more so of Fried Pickle Spears, and not so much the Chips. However, I must say that these were totally legit! Definitely the best chips I have had, but Sidetrack’s spears will forever be my favorite. The honey mustard dipping sauce was pretty good, too.


However, after the Fried Pickle Chips, things went down hill.

There was a loooooooong wait for our food. I mean long. Probably the longest wait I’ve ever had anywhere. At one point a random, unidentified person came to our table and apologized for the wait and told us there was a “slight mix up,” but didn’t elaborate. Our server never checked in, apologized, or mentioned the wait. Our drinks went empty a couple times throughout the meal. A family with screaming kids was also seated next to us. At one point their kid bashed into our table and the parents never said a word to us.

Finally after a long, long wait (as in, people who were seated after us paid and were leaving just as we were getting our entrees), we got our food. I ordered the Salmon Sandwich, with a Side Salad and house-made Tomato Garlic dressing on the side, in place of fries. The sandwich was okay, but definitely nothing special. It was totally bland and lacked seasoning. The menu mentioned a lemon aoili, but I didn’t detect it on the sandwich, and think it would have been better if it were on there, or if much more was on there! The side salad was pretty good, but the fact that it was placed on my HOT dinner plate really took a lot away from it. Warm baby greens aren’t the best, and that seems like an easily fixable detail that was passed over in plating. The ciabatta bread was warm and very tasty, and I liked the generous salmon portion size.


Once we were done we sat and waited for our bill for a while. Bussers cleared off the empty table next to us while we sat there with empty dishes on our table. That is somewhat tacky, if you ask me. I was ready to peace out, so I put my coat on and sat sideways in my chair to get the message across to our absent server. Finally she brought the bill and we paid. I noticed that when she returned our Visa card and the bill, her final closing to us was “here you go” and walked away. No “have a good night” or “thanks for coming in.”

We did have a Living Social coupon to use toward the meal, otherwise I would have been appalled to pay $38 for this meal. Typically I always tip well and always tip on the pre-coupon price, but given the bad service we received, we tipped on the discounted price, and not very generously at that.

We won’t be back. While it was fun to have a dinner out and try a new place, I can’t return to a place with crappy service and so-so food.

The huz made a comment that it really says a lot about the quality of the service that we were semi-disgusted to pay $21 for this meal at Red Brick (that’s the price after our coupon), but had absolutely no problem shelling out $50+ for an amazing meal at Seva last night. A little quality customer service goes a loooong way!

Wanting to remedy our sub-par experience, we really wanted dessert. We made a somewhat illogical, but oh-so-right decision to drive 25 minutes away, all the way to Ypsilanti, to hit up Dom’s for a few donuts. We are CRAZY kids! Winking smile

But we enjoyed the ride, checking out that “Super Moon” (it was sooo crazy!), bumpin’ our tunes. You know how we roll.


With a donut in one hand and red wine in the other, the night simply had to end well!

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