Hearty Meatless Shepherd’s Pie

Scrambled Ham, Egg ‘n’ Cheese Wrap

Yummy raspberries. So happy to see affordable, organic berries showing up on the shelves at the grocery store! Today I bought more Flatout Wraps (obsessed I am, yes! – they are packed full of 9g of protein and 9g of protein, and so delicious!), this time the Sundried Tomato flavor. I filled the wrap with scrambled eggs with ham and sharp cheddar. Yummy lunch!


Hearty Shepherd’s Pie

Recipe From Healthy Cooking magazine


This weekend I’ve planned out my weekly dinners, and have created a menu that’s light on the meat. Tonight for dinner I tried out a meatless recipe for Shepherd’s Pie. The first step was to roast six EVOO-drizzled garlic cloves double-wrapped in tin foil (I know it’s “aluminum foil” but I grew up saying “tin foil”!) in a 425 F oven for fifteen minutes until you end up with something looking like these golden babies:


I mashed the roasted garlic and combined it with mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes.

The next step was to make the Shepherd’s Pie filling, containing lots of veggie and meat-alternative goodness:

  • onion, garlic, celery, carrot
  • sliced baby bella mushrooms
  • vegetarian meat crumbles (I used these veggie crumbles)
  • rosemary, salt, pepper, vegetable broth


After my filling simmered on the stovetop and the veggies had softened, I transferred it to the bottom of an 8”x8” baking dish and topped with my garlic mashed Yukon Gold potatoes. The “pie” baked for 20 minutes at 350 F (which is less time than suggested by the recipe).



I forgot to add the peas to the filling but they were tasty on the side, and mixed in!


I totally loved this meatless dish! I didn’t miss the meat at all. The mushrooms and veggie crumbles added a lovely heartiness, and it was packed full of veggie nutrition. One serving is 1/6th of the 8”x8” baking dish, with 223 calories. Not bad at all! I had a little over two servings for a very filling dinner.

Shepherd’s Pie Rating: 8/10


Click here for the original recipe.

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