A Very Intense Kornified Weekend

I’m mildly surprised I survived this weekend.

Friday I ate a highly GLUTTONOUS meal – we tried Anthony’s Gourmet Pizza in Ann Arbor for the first time, following the suggestion of a fellow skilled A2 nommer. It definitely delivered! We ordered our pizza Sicilian Style with pepperoni, pineapple, half banana peppers (my half!), and half bacon (the huz’s half). We also got an order of garlic cheesy bread. Anthony’s sauce is UNREAL. It basically makes all other pizza sauce I’ve tried before seem like, well….weak sauce. Probably ranked in my Top 2 Ann Arbor pizzerias.

This pizza is not a joke:


Oh.. and for dessert we baked up a batch of chocolate-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. These reminded me of a childhood favorite – Keebler Magic Middles! My GOODNESS, I miss those cookies!!! Does anyone else remember Magic Middles!?


Oh… and, shockingly, as a Flint-area native, I actually tried Halo Burger for the FIRST TIME this weekend. (Well, rumor has it that I tried Halo Burger when I was quite young… but I don’t remember it so it doesn’t count.)



I went with #1 – the QP combo, and added cheese and green olives. Oh em gee! Quite delicious! Loved all the big raw onion chunks and green olives! A tad too much mustard for my taste. A buttery burger. It melted in my mouth. This was my pre-concert fuel.


Next, FiveCentFemme and I headed to the Dow Event Center in Sagnasty for the Music as a Weapon Tour, featuring Stillwell, In This Moment, Sevendust, Disturbed, and Korn.

So.. we were pretty much in the front row. We managed to get Korn floor seats, and we also managed to acquire an ideal location in line to be able to nab these front row and center seats standing locations. It involved lots of running, squirming and ninja moves through innocent passersby, but we made it up to the verrrrry FRONT and CENTER of the general admission floor area. I didn’t have my camera with me (so sad – because I could have gotten AMAZING pictures!!!!) but I did have my iPhone. Here is an un-zoomed picture taken from my standing location. Yes, I am basically 10 feet from the stage!!


Looking back at the rest of the arena from “our spot.” Clearly we arrived quite early! But it was so worth it!


I managed to get pictures of the first two bands, but after that the moshing and insanity began so my iPhone was promptly put away. I was not impressed by Stillwell.


In This Moment was the second band and I liked them much more than Stillwell. The lead singer chick was HARDCORE. Screamo rock, kids. I heart-ed her outfit, her microphone stand featuring dead doll heads, and her skull-encrusted singing platform. Pretty intense.


After In This Moment played, my iPhone was safety tucked away. That is when the iNSANiTY began. I don’t even know what to say other than my lungs were crushed, my neck was jabbed until I nearly suffocated, and I am covered and bruises and was covered multiple moshers’ sweat. Yikes. So freaking intense. SO INTENSE. These people don’t eff around.

Korn was the primary reason I was at the show and they were amazing! I was highly starstruck when Jonathan Davis came out on stage and I was 10 feet away from him!!! Can you say flinging dreadlock sweat?

I DID catch one of Korn’s guitar picks!! And by caught, I mean it landed between my legs, I stomped my foot over it, and FiveCentFemme retrieved it from the ground, mid-mosh. What a trooper.


Quite the weekend!!

Note Currently listening to: Blind – Korn.

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