Photolicious Shopping Spree

Sooo many new pictures in my April 2011 folder right now to sort through! Might as well get right into them.

Friday dinner the huz and I went to Ali Baba’s, which was a somewhat random, spur of the moment decision as we were driving by, but it was good. We ordered the same meal as last time, which is their Sampler Platter, starting out with this salad to split. Really good – I wanted more!


Then we received this giant platter containing:

  • shish kabob (lamb, marinated and broiled)
  • shish tawook  (chicken breast cubes marinated and charbroiled)
  • shish kafta (broiled ground lamb with onions, parsley and seasonings)
  • hommous and baba-ghanouge
  • four meat grape leaves
  • falafel
  • lamb shawarma
  • chicken shawarma
  • grilled shrimp

In my last review of Ali Baba’s I claimed that their food was just as good as Palm Palace, but I think I have to take it back this time. Not quite as good, but I really enjoyed dinner. I was ravenously hungry, having only eaten baby carrots and nothing else earlier in the day, due to lack of time. We did not have any leftovers. Smile


We weren’t really in the mood to go out anywhere on Friday night after dinner, so instead we picked up some goodies: Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Edmund Fitzgerald porter (this beer is awesome), a couple of cupcakes we shared, and a little bag of Jelly Bellys from the bulk bin.



On Saturday my mom and I met up and went shopping at my favorite mall. Here’s a peek at my purchases:









Yes, I had very good luck at the mall!

After shopping my mom and I headed to PF Chang’s for dinner. We started out with an order of Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Yummy.


Then a pair of bowls of Hot and Sour – my favorite.


For the main course we shared an order of Orange Chicken and of Beef and Broccoli. The Orange Chicken was my favorite, but the beef was surprisingly tender and tasty.


Dessert minis. I ordered the Lemon Meringue mini (for lack of Key Lime), and my mom ordered Strawberry Cheesecake.


My fortune. I’m not sure I necessarily I agree, but here you go!:


I adopted some new Easter decorations and spruced up my guest bathroom this weekend.


Hope you enjoyed all those photos – phew.

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