Pasta Fagioli Soup

This week I made a big ‘vat’ of soup using one of Gina’s Skinny Recipes for Pasta Fagioli. There are so many delicious-looking recipes on Gina’s blog; this is the first one that I’ve tried. Here are my ingredients:


I blended the drained and rinsed beans with water to add to the broth in order to create a thicker soup texture.


Then I added the bean puree to sauteed onion and garlic.


..And then basically added in all of my other ingredients (veggie broth, carrots, celery, seasonings, tomatoes) and let it simmer – except for the pasta, which is added last and allowed to simmer until cooked. I omitted the suggested two cups of water, as I enjoy a thicker soup.


After simmering away, I topped with shaved Romano cheese. This soup was good! Probably not my favorite soup recipe, but a good one.

Soup Rating: 6.5/10


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