Pepperoni Pizza Pasta + What I’ve Been Up To

This week I made a nice meaty dish to welcome the huz back from Baltimore with: Pepperoni Pizza Pasta.


I used half whole wheat rotini pasta and half regular, since I can’t tolerate large servings of the whole wheat pasta!



Pepperoni goodness! Mmm!! How adorbs are these mini pepperonis??


So what else have I been up to?

…Flatout Pizzas. Roasted Brussels Sprouts. IBC Root Beer.


…Used one of my Groupons and got dinner at Haifa Falafel one night. I ordered a Falafel Plate with Majadara and a Fattoush Salad. Everything I ordered was deeeelicious, and so pretty! Huge portions too! I had the leftovers for lunch the next day.


The huz ordered a Chicken Shwarma Plate (which was good, not great, in my opinion) with rice and lentil soup.




….Girls’ Night with my BFF! We had dinner at Tio’s. I ordered an enchilada sampler, and chose a bean, a chicken, and a portabella mushroom enchilada, along with a side of beans and rice. I also enjoyed a Michigan-brewed IPA on draft, didn’t catch the brewery. It was not the greatest beer but the food was tasty!:


…Hours of juicy gossip at the Sava’s bar over numerous cocktails as well. Gotta love it!! Be right back


…Brunch at Nick’s. Denver Skillet. Hit the spot. Mmm.


…Becoming a bachelor party photographer.


..And playing some pool.


Note Currently listening to: Your Eyes Open – Keane.

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