Metzger’s and a Gallup Run

Last evening we used yet another group coupon (a RealDeal) at Metzger’s. When I saw this deal in my inbox I jumped on the chance since Metzger’s is one of my favorite Ann Arbor eateries (even though sometimes people make fun of me for not eating the German cuisine at this German restaurant. Smile with tongue out ). I just like comfort food, okay?

To start, we ordered something very non-German, I suppose: an order of spicy wings. I’m not really a wing girl (unless they are boneless), but these were actually quite good! I ate three and the garlicky creamy dipping sauce was awesome.


Next I had a salad as my choice side item.


..And the main event: POT ROAST! I was crossing my fingers all day hoping this would be on the specials menu and it was. Soooo good This is my third or fourth time ordering this because it is just so DANG GOOD. ::Huge Swoon::


And, obviously, as always, Carrot Cake For Two. The best carrot cake around, I do declare, despite the skeptics. (Half of this cake and a good portion of my dinner were brought home for lunch the next day!)


After dinner we saw African Cats at the movie theater. Because, I mean, who can resist this?:


Saturday I went for a solo walk/run at Gallup Park because it is so freaking nice outside I almost cried. I briskly walked for 20 minutes, then I did my 18 minute Couch to 5K Week 3 run, followed by 10 additional minutes of walking back to my car and to cool down. It was wonderful to be outside (despite the 20 mph winds), in the sun, by the water. This was my first time at Gallup Park since last fall – one of my favorite places to roam when it is warm out.

This was also my first semi-public run. Usually I just run around my neighborhood and don’t pass a whole lot of people, but lots of people were outside, taking advantage of the nice weather at the park today. I sort of felt like a ‘real runner,’ but still sort of feel like an amateur. I was slightly self-conscious that I breathe really loudly when I run but I tried to brush it off. I need some actual sunglasses for running instead of my big valley girl shades and some mechanism for strapping my iPhone to my arm for timing myself and listening to music. I was so afraid I was going to accidentally toss it off this bridge into the Huron River! All in all it was a lot of fun though.




Afterward I wanted iced coffee.


Tonight I have plans involving Malbec and ten-topping pizzas. Muahaha. Such an exciting life I lead!

Note Currently listening to: Map of the Problematique – Muse.

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