Easter Sunday

As promised, my Saturday did indeed involve a ten topping pizza, courtesy of yet another Domino’s Pizza Groupon I recently purchased. Eight bucks for this pizza! Whattadeal. The line-up:

  • banana peppers
  • tomato
  • green pepper
  • green olives
  • onion
  • roasted red peppers
  • pineapple
  • mushrooms
  • bacon
  • pepperoni


Not only a ten-topping pizza, but also Guinness + Leo. All my faves. Yummy.


Saturday I made homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, in preparation for Easter Brunch. This time I actually had a rolling pin, instead of a wine bottle. Worked great! Mason jars make fine biscuit cutters, as well.




:: Swoon ::


Cheery Easter Brunch at home:


Sunday I made a batch of Deviled Eggs for dinner.



I mashed the yolks with Miracle Whip, Spicy Brown Mustard, and salt and pepper.




These were soooo delicious! It has been ages since I made deviled eggs. In fact, I think this picture, below, documents the last time I made deviled eggs, circa 2005. I can’t figure out if I was 20 or 21 in this picture. Let’s go with 21 since I am sitting next to a bottle of Jäger. Winking smile

Cooking - me making deviled eggs

Lately I have been seeking out a substitute for the packet of artificial sweetener that typically goes in my daily coffee. I have started to wean myself off of the sweeteners, using less and often just omitting the sweetener, but in my iced coffee I do tend to like a touch of sweetness. From my research, I learned that Agave nectar might be a suitable substitute. While this isn’t a calorie-free substitute, I feel a lot better about consuming this organic, natural, less-processed sweetener in moderation than an using an artificial sweetener.


Freshly ground RoosRoast coffee in the French Press. Check out that coffee crema. Reminds me of Guinness! Luscious.


For dinner I made a batch of figure-friendly homemade Macaroni & Cheese using this recipe from Cooking Light.


I made a stovetop cheese sauce with milk, flour, salt, pepper, skim milk, Neufchatel cheese, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, garlic, and reduced-fat sharp cheddar.


It’s not an overly rich, cheesy, sauce; more of a cream sauce with a mild cheese flavor. The Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, and garlic amp up the flavor level without adding calories.


Extremely easy to make! A 1.5 cup serving size has only 252 calories!


I broiled a ham steak drizzled with honey for the main course, and served with deviled eggs, for a tasty and comforting Easter Dinner! I totally went back for more deviled eggs, too.


A little treat for dessert:


My mom sent me some Easter goodies. All my favorites! Cadbury eggs, Carmello, Jelly Belly, etc. Thanks Mom!


Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Note Currently listening to: No I in Threesome – Interpol.


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