Spicy Beans ‘n’ Rice

I have quite the collection of pictures for this post. First, up, a new recipe I tried this week. This recipe really couldn’t be any easier, so I will let the captioned pictures tell the story.

Spicy Beans ‘n’ Rice

Recipe from Taste of Home







I served the beans mixture over Steamfresh brown rice, with a couple corn muffins on the side. One cup of bean mixture + 1/2 cup rice = 298 calories.

Beans ‘n’ Rice rating: 6.5/10

Not bad, but not the best. Loved how easily and quickly this came together for an affordable, meatless weeknight dinner.



Happy Hour

Friday finally rolled around, and at promptly 5:00 PM I headed downtown for happy hour with co-workers, where I enjoyed one of my current favorite beers on draft – Eddy Fitz Porter.


Later some of us ended up at Frita Batidos – my second trip there! I’ve been wanting to return ever since my first visit last January. New to the space this time: this awesome painted Coca-Cola cooler. Love it.


Totally in love with their countertops.


Please excuse my, again, poor iPhone photography which does not come close to doing justice to this super-flavorful Chorizo Frita. Last time I ordered the Fish Frita which was very good, but the Chorizo Frita totally knocked the socks buns off the fish. Every bite induced an “mmm!” sound from me. The Chorizo Frita was topped with sweet chili mayo and “shoestring” fries, and served on a buttery brioche bun.


The huz ordered a pulled pork sandwich. Had a bite, and it was also “MMM!”-worthy.


Twice Fried Ripe Plantains. Yum yum yum. These are “tossed in cilantro-garlic butter” and served with (more!) sweet chili mayo.

Later in the evening, Five Cent Femme joined the par-tay and we ended our evening at another downtown bar.

Around 3:15 AM, shortly after I went to bed, I heard loud rustling noises outside and could NOT fall asleep because I thought someone was creepin’ around outside our house. After shaking the huz awake several times, I finally convinced him to go see what was up.

That was when we found Rocky Raccoon in the garage. That lil B made a hugh jass mess of our garage – dug all the dirt out of a huge flower pot, went to town with our empty pop cans, and knocked all sorts of things off the walls. When the huz went out to the garage, Rocky promptly retreated to the rafters and will not come down. It’s now around 8:00 PM the next day and as far as we know, Rocky is still hanging in the rafters. Not sure what to do!? Today we tried going after him with brooms and a hose, but he is very stubborn. We’re very careful, since we know that raccoons can be mean and bite. But Rocky has a sweet little face and fuzzy, pointy ears – I have to admit he is pretty cute. Any suggestions!?


I’ve been so hungry all day! This morning I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast.




Hooray for Sunny Saturdays.


Dinner = Papa Romano’s pizza, bread, and Antipasto salad. Hey, it’s Saturday.


Note Currently listening to: Wake Up Alone – Amy Winehouse.

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