San Fran Day 1–Part I

Greetings from San Francisco! It’s Day 1 of my much-needed, long-awaited vacation! Today I…

…flew over some mountains.


…ate some airplane nosh.


…Had Thai for lunch at the King of Thai Noodle House. This place was jammin’ around noon… packed to the brim, but we were seated right away. I loved the quirky, intense purple walls and funky lighting. I ordered Vegetarian Tom Yum Soup, described on the menu as, “Thai-style hot and sour soup with tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes, white onions, galangal, and lemon grass.” Super yum! Perfect lunch. Packed with mini corn on the cobs, carrots, and greens as well.


The huz ordered Fried Chicken over Fried Rice. Of course.


…Checked into our hotel.


…Gets the job done.


…THE VIEW from our room on the 40th FLOOR! Yes, that is the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE! Big tyme ballers!! I can’t wait for out nighttime view!!!


Weeee!!!!! Don’t look down.


…PERK of being in one of the City View rooms: Free breakfast (one fruit, one pastry, and one drink) every day, redeemable until 6pm! Yay for afternoon snacks. Also, free wireless internet. Smile


Tonight is Mexican food and Ballet! Until next time…!

6 thoughts on “San Fran Day 1–Part I

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