San Fran – Day 1, Part II

Hey again! Here’s the rest of Day 1 of our vacation in San Francisco. If you missed Part I you can read about it here.

Our first day in San Fran, we had dinner at Colibri Mexican Bistro – selected for positive Yelp reviews and it’s proximately to our hotel. Here’s the bar area:


…Tequila selection shown in the window.


..However, Meg does not regularly NomNom Tequila, or else bad things happen, so instead we ordered a pitcher of sangria. Went down quite smoothly – nice and sweet – but not very strong. Probably overpriced, but good.


Guacamole, prepared tableside, or else on a tray near your table if you have a tiny table like us. This was the highlight of the meal, served with house-made soft corn tortillas.


For dinner, we ordered a couple appetizers and a couple sides to split. First up, an order of Pescado Ceviche; this was good but sort of awkward to eat. My first time trying ceviche, described on the menu as, “fresh lime marinated white fish, green olives, jalapeño, onion, cilantro, tomato, avocado and olive oil”. During this meal I vowed that I want to order adventurous foods during the rest of our vacation, when possible, and this was our somewhat adventurous dish of the meal.


Quesadillas, “hand made corn tortillas and Oaxaca cheese with your choice of fire-roasted poblano chile strips
or epazote, a unique and distinctive mexican herbs.” These were tasty but certainly nothing special.


A side of Arroz a la Mexican (Mexican Rice) and Frijoles Negros (Black Beans).


After dinner we classed things up and went the ballet. The San Francisco Ballet, to be exact, performing The Little Mermaid. Definitely not the Disney version – very somber and intense. I really enjoyed it. The dancers make it look so easy, but they are beyond amazing. I love the SF Ballet’s blurb on their website describing the dancers: “The hope of a career with one of the world’s top ballet companies is limited to a very few people. These dancers are comparable to the finest Olympic athletes.” So intense!


Gorgeous theater – War Memorial Opera House.



Then we traversed the intense city streets back home on the public transit. Phew! What a long day. I was awake for nearly 22 hours straight!

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