San Fran–day 4: Zoo + Chinatown

Can’t believe it’s Day 4 – time is flying. Today we sprang for the breakfast buffet in our buffet. It was well-done… Bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, greens, muffin, coffee… the yooj (x2). One surprising find was a little cup of baked Greek yogurt topped with maple – Mmm!!!


We spent our fair share of time traversing the SF Muni system today, to get to the San Francisco Zoo. …Zoos are kind of my thang.




Silverback gorilla, a mama, and her two year old son riding on her back. I have hugely intense, innate attraction to observing the primates. I could literally have stood here for hours watching and never gotten bored.


Baby koala.  :: swoon::


Prarie dogs and meerkats.




I felt so sorry for this poor lion in his pen. He was clearly highly stressed out, pacing, and people were being so loud and obnoxious while watching him.


After the zoo, we rode the Muni back to Union Square, and then went to explore Chinatown. This website has some tips for going on a self-guided tour through Chinatown, which helped us locate a few highlights. Here is the entrance gate on Grant Ave:




Eastern Bakery on Grant Ave:


We split this little custard ($0.90!), which was still warm:


Produce market:


We visited the a Fortune Cookie “factory,” at which several women were peeling circular cookie sheets from a wheel, inserting the fortune, and molding into shape. We bought a pack of six for a buck.


[ Source ]

Ten Ren Tea Shop – I purchased a glass of black milk tea (with tapioca pearls!). So good!!!


Some of my purchases: cookies, sampler pack of teas, and a seed pearl necklace and earrings.


For dinner, we changed cultures, and went to an Irish Pub, called Johnny Foley’s, at which Guinness was consumed. When in Rome Ireland San Francisco, right?


[ Source ]

The huz ordered Bangers and Mash: “Two Plump Pork Sausages, Mashed Potatoes, Stewed Onions, Seasonal Vegetables, Savory Gravy.” He gave this two thumbs up. (Sorry about the flash on all these pictures. I know it’s harsh, but it was just too dim in here to not use it!)


My dinner was very delicious too. Pure comfort food. “Cottage Pie: Ground Grass Fed Beef cooked in Savory Gravy with Vegetables
– Mashed Potato Crust, Small Salad Garnish.”


We ordered, and shared, not one, but TWO desserts! We are CrAzY! Tom’s choice: “Chocolate HangoverWarm Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Toasted Almonds.”P1040494

My (non-Irish…) choice: Crème Brulee. I liked my choice best!


‘Sall I got for now!

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